Texas Wineries

Interactive Map! We give you many ways to find a Texas winery! If you like viewing by a map, then you’ll want to head over to the Texas wineries map which allows you to scroll around the state of Texas to view the wineries and link to posts of our visits to the wineries. It’s what I use to find out where to go next!

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We also let you view wineries by a list. If you want to see a small list of wineries in a particular region, then click on a region in the map above to see a list of the Texas wineries for that region. Or look below if you want to see the complete list of Texas wineries. Links on the wineries are links to the blog posts we have done about our visit. If there is an asterisk at the end of the line, we still need to visit the winery. If there is no asterisk, a blog post will be upcoming. If you know of any wineries that aren’t in the list of Texas wineries, please let us know as we want this to be “the” list of Texas wineries. Plus we’ll know where to go next!

3 Dreams Wine – www.3dreamswine.com (custom labeled wine only)

360 Uno Trattoria – www.360uno.com *

4.0 Cellars – fourpointwine.com

The 501 Winery – www.facebook.com/pages/The-501-Winery/167395983337853 www.501winery.com *

96 West Winery – www.96westwinery.com

A Wine of Mine Winery – awineofminewinery.com *

Alamosa Wine Cellarswww.alamosawinecellars.com

Alamosa Wine Cellars – Lampasas (closed)

Alexander Vineyardsalexandervineyards.com

Angelita Vineyard and Winery – www.angelitawinery.com

Arché – www.archewines.com

Argus Cidery – www.arguscidery.com *

The Austin Winery – www.theaustinwinery.com

Austin Custom Wineryaustincustomwinery.wordpress.com

Bar Z Winery – www.barzwines.com

Barking Rocks Winery & Vineyard – www.barkingrockswine.com

Beavers Family Vineyards and Winery – www.wacovineyard.com *

Becker Vineyardswww.beckervineyards.com

Bell Mountain Vineyardswww.bellmountainwine.com

Bell Mountain Tasting Room (closed)

Bell Springs Winerybellspringswinery.com

Bella Stella Winery – www.bellastellawinery.com *

Bella Vista Ranchwww.texasoliveoil.com

Bending Branch Winerybendingbranchwinery.com

Bending Branch Winery – Branch on Highbendingbranchwinery.com

Bernhardt Winerywww.bernhardtwinery.com

Big Rock Winery – www.facebook.com/pages/Big-Rock-Winery/805707689480644 *

Bishop Arts Winerybishopartswinery.com

Bishop Cider Company – www.bishopcider.com *

Blazing Barrels Winery (closed)

The Blue Armadillo Winery (closed)

Blue Lotus Winerybluelotuswinery.com

Blue Ostrich Winery & Vineyardwww.blueostrich.net

The Blue Rooster Winery

Bluff Dale Vineyards – www.bluffdalevineyards.com

The Bourne Wine Company – www.boernewinecompany.com

Braman Winery – Hallettsvillewww.bramanwine.com

Braman Winery – Refugio (closed)

Braman Winery – Richmondwww.bramanwine.com

Brennan Vineyardswww.brennanvineyards.com

Briar Creek Vineyardsbriarcreekvineyards.com

Bruno & George Winerywww.brunoandgeorge.com

Brushy Creek Vineyards and Winery – www.brushycreekvineyards.com

CALAIS Winerywww.calaiswinery.com (closed)

CALAIS Winery, Hye – www.calaiswinery.com (opening soon) *

Caney Creek Winery – www.caneycreekwines.com

CapRock Winery – www.caprockwinery.com

Carmela Winery – www.carmelawinery.net

Castle Oaks Vineyard and Winery – www.castleoakswinery.com

Circle S Vineyardswww.circlesvineyards.com (closed)

The Cellar Doorwww.cellardoorkaty.com

Caudalie Crest Farm & Vineyardwww.goatsngrapes.com

Chisholm Trail Winerywww.chisholmtrailwinery.com

Christoval Vineyards – www.christovalvineyards.com

Clear Creek Vineyard (formerly D’Vine Wine of Kemah) – www.clearcreekvineyard.com

Collin Oaks Winerywww.CollinOaksWinery.com

Colony Cellars (closed)

Colorado River Winery – www.coloradoriverwinery.com

Comfort Cellars Winery (closed)

Compass Rose Cellars – www.compassrosecellars.com

Concho Valley Winery – conchovalleywinery.com *

Cork This! Winerywww.corkthiswinery.com

Cowtown Winery – cowtownwinery.dvinewineusa.com

Cross Timbers Winerywww.crosstimberswinery.com

Crump Valley Vineyardswww.crumpvalley.com

D’Vine Wine of Amarillo – amarillo.dvinewineusa.com *

D’Vine Wine of Austin (closed)

D’Vine Wine of Beaumontwww.dvinewinebmt.com

D’Vine Wine of Fredericksburgfredericksburg.dvinewineusa.com

D’Vine Wine of Galveston – (closed)

D’Vine Wine of Grapevinegrapevine.dvinewineusa.com

D’Vine Wine of Garland – garland.dvinewineusa.com *

D’Vine Wine of Granburydvinewineusa.com/locations/texas/granbury

D’Vine Wine of Lubbock (closed)

Dancing Bee Winerydancingbeewinery.com

Darcy’s Vineyardwww.darcysvineyard.com

Das Peach Haus – Oberhof Wine Cellarsdaspeachhaus.com

Delaney Vineyards & Winerywww.delaneyvineyards.com

Dionisio Winerywww.dionisiowinery.com

Dixie Wine Companywww.dixiewine.net

Driftwood Estate Winery – www.driftwoodwine.com

Dry Comal Creek Vineyardswww.drycomalcreek.com

Duchman Family Winerywww.duchmanwines.com

Eaglefire Winery & Vineyards (formerly Caldwell Family Winery & Vineyards) – www.eaglefirewinery.com

Eden Hill Vineyardwww.edenhill.com

Enchanted Manor Winerywww.enchantedmanorwinery.com

Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard and Winerywww.enochsstomp.com

Fairhaven Vineyardswww.fairhavenvineyards.com

Fall Creek Vineyardswww.fcv.com

Fall Creek Vineyards at Driftwood – www.fcv.com

Fat Ass Ranch & Winery – www.facebook.com/pages/Fat-Ass-Ranch-and-Winery/588933507887986

Fawncrest Vineyardswww.fawncrest.com

Fiesta Vineyard and Winerywww.fiestawinery.com

Fiesta Winery Main Street – www.fiestawinery.com

Fiesta Winery 290 – www.fiestawinery.com

Fiesta Winery Salado Creek (Salado Creek Winery) – saladoswirlandsip.com

Fiesta Winery San Antonio – www.fiestawinery.com *

Fiesta Winery Weatherford

Flat Creek Estatewww.flatcreekestate.com

Flat Creek Enoteca – flatcreekenoteca.com

Fly Gap Winery – www.flygapwinery.com

Frascone Winery – www.frasconewinery.com *

Fredericksburg Winerywww.fbgwinery.com

Fuqua Winery – (closed as a winery)

Georgetown Winerygeorgetownwinery.com

Grand Oaks Vineyards and Winery – gowinerymineola.com

Granny Muffin Wineswww.grannymuffinwines.com

Grape Creek Vineyardswww.grapecreek.com

Grape Creek Vineyards- Georgetown – www.grapecreek.com/index.php/taste/grape-creek-georgetown

Grape Creek Vineyards – Main Street Fredericksburg – www.grapecreek.com/index.php/taste/grape-creek-on-main-street

Grayson Hills Winerywww.graysonhillswinery.com

Haak Vineyards & Winerywww.haakwine.com

Handy Farmswww.handyfarms.com

Hawk’s Shadow Winery – hawksshadow.com

Helotes Creek Winery – www.heloteswinery.net

Hilmy Cellarswww.hilmywine.com

Homemade Wineswww.homemadewinesofodessa.com

Homestead Winery at Denisonwww.homesteadwinery.com

Homestead Winery at Grapevinewww.homesteadwinery.com

Homestead Winery at Ivanhoewww.homesteadwinery.com

Hye Meadow Winery – www.hyemeadow.com

Inwood Estates Vineyards – Dallaswww.inwoodwines.com

Inwood Estates Vineyards – Florencewww.inwoodwines.com

Inwood Estates Vineyards – Fredericksburg –  www.inwoodwines.com

Jaber Estate Winery – jaberestatewinery.com *

Junction Rivers Wineryjunctionriverswinery.com

KE Bushman’s Winery and Celebration Centerwww.kiepersol.com/bushmans

KE Cellars – Tyler (closed)

KE Cellars – Lindale – kiepersol.com/ke-cellars

KE Cellars Winery (closed)

Kerrville Hills Winerywww.kerrvillehillswinery.com

Khatter Vineyards (closed)

Kuhlman Cellars – www.kuhlmancellars.com

Kiepersol Estates Winery, Vodka visit – kiepersol.com/winery

Knox Circle Winery – www.knoxcirclewinery.com *

La Bodega Winery (closed)

La Cruz de Comalwww.lacruzdecomalwines.com

La Buena Vida Vineyards – Grapevinewww.labuenavida.com (Not a winery anymore)

La Buena Vida Vineyards – Springtown – www.labuenavida.com

La Diosa Cellars – www.ladiosacellars.com

La Fuente Winerywww.lafuentewinery.com

Lakeview Winerywww.lakeviewwinery.com

Landon Winerywww.landonwinery.com

Lavaca Bluffs Vineyard and Winery – www.lavacabluffs.com

Lenoir-Sage Vineyardslenoir-sagevineyards.com

Lewis Wineswww.lewiswines.com

LightCatcher Winery – www.lightcatcher.com

Lily Lake Vineyardswww.lilylakevineyards.com

Llano Estacado Winery – www.llanowine.com

Lone Star Wine Cellarswww.lonestarwinecellars.com

Lone Hen Winery – www.lonehenwines.com

Long Shot Winery – www.longshotwines.com *

Los Pinos Ranch Vineyardswww.lospinosranchvineyards.com

Lost Creek Vineyard (closed)

Lost Draw Cellars – www.lostdrawcellars.com

Lost Oak Winery (previously Lone Oak Winery) – www.lostoakwinery.com

Majek Vineyard & Winery – majekvineyard.com

Marker Cellarswww.markercellars.com

Maydelle Country Wineswww.maydellewines.com

McPherson Cellars – www.mcphersoncellars.com

McReynolds Winery – www.mcreynoldswines.com

Mendelbaum Cellarswww.mendelbaumcellars.com

Meridian Hive Meadery – meridianhive.com *

Messina Hof Grapevine Winery – www.messinahof.com/grapevine

Messina Hof Hill Countrywww.messinahof.com/mhhillcountry

Messina Hof Winery & Resortwww.messinahof.com

Mitas Hill Vineyardwww.mitashillvineyard.com

Moravia Vineyard & Winery – www.moraviavineyard.com

The NICE Winerywww.thenicewinery.com

NOLA Tropical Winery – www.nolatropicalwinery.com *

Nolan Creek Winery – winesofnolancreek.com

O’Farrell Country Vineyards – www.ofarrellvineyard.com *

Paris Vineyardswww.parisvineyards.com *

Paris Vineyards Winery on the Squarewww.parisvineyards.com

Peach Creek Vineyardspeachcreekvineyards.com

Pedernales Cellarspedernalescellars.com

Pelle Legnawww.pellelegna.com

Pemberton Cellars – www.facebook.com/pages/Pemberton-Cellars/1963402563800457

Perissos Vineyards and Winerywww.perissosvineyards.com

Perrine Winerywww.perrinewinery.com

Pheasant Ridge Winery – www.pheasantridgewinery.com

Pillar Bluff Vineyardswww.pillarbluff.com

Pilot Knob Vineyardwww.pilotknobvineyard.com

Piney Woods Country Winery and Vineyardswww.pineywoodswines.com

Pleasant Hill Winerywww.pleasanthillwinery.com

Pontotoc Vineyardpontotocvineyard.com

Poteet Country Winery – www.poteetwine.com

Queen’s Winery – queenswinery.com *

Rancho Ponte Vineyardwww.ranchoponte.com

Red 55 Winerywww.red55winery.com

Red Caboose Winerywww.redcaboosewinery.com

Red Caboose Winery at Cliftonwww.redcaboosewinery.com

Red Road Vineyard and Winerywww.redroadvineyard.com

Red Road Winery – www.redroadwinery.com *

Red Wagon Winery – redwagonwinery.com *

Red Wing Dove Vineyard and Winerywww.redwingdove.com

Retreat Hill Cellars (closed)

Retreat Hill Winery and Vineyard (closed)

Rising Star Vineyards – www.risingstarvineyards.com (closed)

Rising Star Vineyards – Saladowww.risingstarvineyards.com (closed)

Rohan Meaderywww.rohanmeadery.com

Rosemary’s Vineyard & Winerywines-made-in-texas.com

Saddlehorn Winerywww.saddlehornwinery.com

Salado Wine Sellersaladowinery.com

Salt Lick Cellarssaltlickcellars.com

San Martiño Winery and Vineyardwww.sanmartinowinery.com

Sandstone Cellars Winerysandstonecellarswinery.com

Santamaria Cellarswww.santamariacellarswines.com

Savannah Winery & Bistrowww.savannahwinerytx.com

Scimitar Hill Vineyards – scimitarhill.com (opening September 2015) *

Seifert Cellars – www.seifertcellars.com *

Singing Water Vineyardswww.singingwatervineyards.com

Sister Creek Vineyardswww.sistercreekvineyards.com

Six Shooter Cellars – www.sixshootercellars.com

Sloan & Williams Winerywww.sloanwilliams.com

Solaro Estatewww.solaroestate.com

Solaro Estate Winery – Houston – www.solaroestate.com

Spicewood Vineyardswww.spicewoodvineyards.com

St. Rose Vineyard & Winerystrosewinery.com

Square Cloud Winery – Gunter (opening soon) *

Star Canyon Winery – www.starcanyonwinery.com

Stone House Vineyardwww.stonehousevineyard.com

Ste. Genevieve Winerywww.stegenwines.com

The Stray Grape Urban Winery – www.straygrape.com *

Su Vino Winerywww.suvinowinery.com

Sugar Ridge Winerywww.sugarridgewinery.com

Sunset Winery – www.sunsetwinery.com

Sweet Dreams Winerywww.sweetdreamswinery.com (closed)

Sweet Springs Winery – www.sweetspringswinery.com *

Sweet Taste of Paradise Winery – www.sweettasteofparadise.net *

Tara Vineyard & Winerywww.tarawinery.com

Tehuacana Creek Vineyards & Winerywww.wacowinery.com

Texas Custom Wine Works – Texas Custom Wine Works

Texas Hills Vineyardwww.texashillsvineyard.com

Texas Legatowww.texaslegatowinery.net

Texas Mead Workswww.texasmeadworks.com

Texas Roads Winery – now a bar

Texas SouthWind Vineyard and Winerywww.texassouthwind.com

Texas Star Winerywww.texasstarwinery.com (old location closed)

Texas Star Winery – www.texasstarwinery.com (Chappell Hill)

Texas Vineyard & Smokehaustexasvineyard.org

Texoma Winery (closed)

Three Dudes Winerythreedudeswinery.com

Times Ten Cellars – Dallaswww.timestencellars.com

Times Ten Cellars – Fort Worth – www.timestencellars.com

Torre di Pietra Winerywww.texashillcountrywine.com

Triple “R” Ranch & Winerywww.thetriplerranch.com (can’t visit)

Two Corks and a Bottle – www.twocorksandabottle.com *

Umbra Wineryumbrawinery.com

Val Verde Winery – www.valverdewinery.com

Valley Mills Vineyardswww.valleymillsvineyards.com

The Vineyard at Florencewww.thevineyardatflorence.com

Vineyard at Gruenewww.vineyardatgruene.com

Vine 2 Wine Vineyard and Winery – www.rollinsvine2wine.com *

Vino Incognita (closed)

Vines on the Rocks – www.vinesontherocks.com *

Wales Manorwww.walesmanor.com

Water 2 Wine at Austin – North Centralwww.water2wine.us/austin

Water 2 Wine at Austin – Southwww.water2wine.us/southaustin

Water 2 Wine at Fredericksburgwww.water2wine.us/fredericksburg

Water 2 Wine at Houstonwww.water2wine.us/houston

Water 2 Wine at New Braunfelswww.water2wine.us/newbraunfels

Water 2 Wine at Round Rock – www.water2wine.us/roundrock *

Wedding Oak Winery -weddingoakwinery.com  San Saba Wine Cellars – www.sansabawinecellars.com

The Weimaryweimary.com

Weinhof Winery – Forestburg – www.WeinhofWinery.com

Weinhof Winery – Muenster (closed)

Westcave Cellars Winery – www.westcavecellars.com

Whistling Duck Winery – www.whistlingduckwinery.com

White House Winery – www.facebook.com/pages/White-House-Winery/150894435037997

Wichita Falls Vineyards & Winery – www.wichitafallsvineyardsandwinery.com

Wild Stallion Vineyards – www.wildstallionvineyards.com *

William Chris Vineyardswww.williamchriswines.com

Wimberley Valley Winery at Driftwood –  www.wimberleyvalleywinery.com

Wimberley Valley Winery at Old Town Springwimberleyvalleywinery.com

Windy Winerywww.windywinery.com

Winery on the Bay – wineryonthebay.com *

Winery on the Gruenewww.gruenewinery.com

Wines of Dotson-Cervantesdotsoncervanteswines.com

The Winery at Willow Creekthewineryatwillowcreek.com

Wonderland Winery – College Station

Woodrose Winerywww.woodrosewinery.com

Yepez Vineyardswww.yepezvineyard.com

Zin Valle Vineyards – www.zinvalle.com

Legend: * = want to visit