Valley Mills Vineyards

Valley Mills - inside Valley Mills Vineyards is located in Waco and is owned by Dr. Bill Peper and Amy Peper along with John and Kandi Bagnasco. The winery was opened November 2010. Update June 19, 2013: The Bagnasco family now owns Valley Mills Vineyards solely and the winemaker is Craig Parker. I have visited Valley Mills Vineyards a couple times and the last time I visited I took the opportunity to take a wine class led by Bill Peper. The class was [Read More…]

The NICE Winery

NICE winery - inside The NICE Winery is located in Houston and is owned by Ian Eastveld and Ryan Levy. Their first wine vintage was 2007 and they opened The NICE Winery in 2009. If you are curious like I was, NICE is pronounced just like a nice glass of wine but it is actually an acronym for the first names of Ian’s siblings with Ian making up the I in NICE. When being told the story, we were not sure if it [Read More…]

Winery U Wine Classes at Dry Comal Creek

Winery U - the vineyard

Dry Comal Creek Vineyards and Winery every month has wine classes which they call Winery U. The topics are always different and are offered at a very low fee of $30 per class or $25 per class when you pre-register for four classes. David King, Certified Wine Specialist, teaches the various classes and sometimes owner Franklin Houser also steps in to offer some education to those in attendance. I needed to go back to Dry Comal Creek Vineyards and Winery [Read More…]