Hye Market and Hye End Tasting Room

Hye Market - outside

http://www.hyemarket.com While driving down Wine Road 290 rushing to get to Fredericksburg, you have to slow down for a tiny bit through the small town of Hye. And you probably always wonder why you have to do that when there are only a couple buildings there. Depending on when you first drove through Hye, youRead More

Road trip to Hye, Wine Road 290, and Mason

Hye Trip - bottles

We received an invitation by William Chris Vineyards to attend a concert they were having starring Texas artist Larry Joe Taylor. We gladly accepted and started planning a road trip to Wine Road 290 and the area for the weekend. On the way to our planned first stop, we made a quick change when weRead More

Cripple Creek and Company

Cripple Creek - outside

http://www.cripplecreekandcompany.com The Cripple Creek and Company store is located in Bastrop and has a large selection of Texas wines from different wineries available for sale. DeeDee Peddy is the owner and the store opened in October, 2009.

The Rancher’s Daughter

Rancher's Daughter - outside

http://www.ranchersdaughter.net The Rancher’s Daughter store and wine bar is located in Montgomery and is owned by Harry and Rendy Kerr. They opened the store/wine bar in 2009. In the times we have been visiting The Rancher’s Daughter, they have moved from one location across the street to a new and bigger location. The wine barRead More

Returning Corks Makes a Big Difference

Spec's - Nomacorc

HOUSTON, Texas – In just six months, Texas-area residents collected and returned used wine corks that generated a $10,000 donation to the CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation, a world-class cancer research firm based in Houston. This collection is part of The Cork Project – a unique program with two simple goals: help save the earth by reducingRead More

May 2013 Fredericksburg Road Trip


Memorial Day weekend came and it was time to visit some Texas wineries in a Fredericksburg road trip. We made plans to join forces again with Dave and Kelli Potter along with Laurie and Shelly Ware. A schedule was started as to what we wanted to see and it eventually evolved into a very busy Saturday.Read More