Hye Market and Hye End Tasting Room

Hye Market - outside

http://www.hyemarket.com While driving down Wine Road 290 rushing to get to Fredericksburg, you have to slow down for a tiny bit through the small town of Hye. And you probably always wonder why you have to do that when there are only a couple buildings there. Depending on when you first drove through Hye, you may have noticed a post office and then a Hye Market. I remember back in 2010 when we couldn’t catch the correct tour time for [Read More…]

Road trip to Hye, Wine Road 290, and Mason

Hye Trip - bottles

We received an invitation by William Chris Vineyards to attend a concert they were having starring Texas artist Larry Joe Taylor. We gladly accepted and started planning a road trip to Wine Road 290 and the area for the weekend. On the way to our planned first stop, we made a quick change when we realized it had been a little while since we had visited Texas Hills Vineyard so we made a slight detour. Unfortunately we arrived to the winery [Read More…]

Cripple Creek and Company

Cripple Creek - outside

http://www.cripplecreekandcompany.com The Cripple Creek and Company store is located in Bastrop and has a large selection of Texas wines from different wineries available for sale. DeeDee Peddy is the owner and the store opened in October, 2009.

The Boerne Wine Company

Boerne Wine Company - outside

http://www.boernewinecompany.com The Boerne Wine Company is located in Boerne and they opened on April 1, 2010. This is a business where the owner prefers to remain anonymous. I received an email from Tom Geoghegan last year inviting me to visit The Boerne Wine Company when I was in the area. I had previously looked at their website while making sure my list of Texas wineries was up-to-date, but they seemed like a wine bar instead of a winery. Tom confirmed they [Read More…]

The Rancher’s Daughter

Rancher's Daughter - outside

http://www.ranchersdaughter.net The Rancher’s Daughter store and wine bar is located in Montgomery and is owned by Harry and Rendy Kerr. They opened the store/wine bar in 2009. In the times we have been visiting The Rancher’s Daughter, they have moved from one location across the street to a new and bigger location. The wine bar has a very large store of various home décor and accessories in addition to over 50 wines from the Texas wineries they offer. In addition [Read More…]

Returning Corks Makes a Big Difference

Spec's - Nomacorc

HOUSTON, Texas – In just six months, Texas-area residents collected and returned used wine corks that generated a $10,000 donation to the CHRISTUS Stehlin Foundation, a world-class cancer research firm based in Houston. This collection is part of The Cork Project – a unique program with two simple goals: help save the earth by reducing the number of items in landfills and find a cure for cancer by raising money for research…one cork at a time. Long-standing partners in this [Read More…]

May 2013 Fredericksburg Road Trip


Memorial Day weekend came and it was time to visit some Texas wineries in a Fredericksburg road trip. We made plans to join forces again with Dave and Kelli Potter along with Laurie and Shelly Ware. A schedule was started as to what we wanted to see and it eventually evolved into a very busy Saturday. Part of the reason was because unfortunately Gloria had to work on Memorial Day (Monday) so we had to return home on Sunday, otherwise, we [Read More…]

Su Vino Winery

Su Vino - inside

http://www.suvinowinery.com Su Vino Winery is located in Grapevine and opened in 2003. David and Chari Scott bought the winery in 2005. If you want to walk to the different wineries in Grapevine, Su Vino Winery is the most northern winery within walking distance. The winery is located in a nice brick building next to other stores and has parking in the back of the winery. When you enter the winery, a large gift shop is on the left and you [Read More…]

Bell Mountain Vineyards

Bell Mountain - Das Peach Haus inside

http://www.bellmountainwine.com Bell Mountain Vineyards is located in Fredericksburg. They planted their vineyard in 1976 and the winery opened in 1983. The winery is owned by Robert (Bob) and Evelyn Oberhelman. The winery was originally called Oberhellmann Vineyards but they then changed it to Bell Mountain Vineyards. Update: The tasting room on Main Street in Fredericksburg is now closed When we first went to Fredericksburg, we visited the Bell Mountain Tasting Room which is located on Main Street of Fredericksburg. We [Read More…]

Dancing Bee Winery

Dancing Bee - gift shop

http://www.dancingbeewinery.com Dancing Bee Winery is located in Rogers and is part of the Walker Honey Farm Store. It is owned by Janice and Clint Walker and their son Clint is also a vintner at the winery. Dancing Bee Winery opened in September 2011. Dancing Bee Winery specializes in honey wine or better known as mead. The name “Dancing Bee” came from one of the ways honey bees communicate with one another which is with a dance language. I easily found [Read More…]