Wine Trail Events

I recently published a post about spring and summer wine festivals. A comment was added from Bruce Anderson of Sunset Winery that I should list wine trail events. What a great idea! A lot of Texas wineries are on wine trails and they often have events throughout the year which feature different themes, special activities/wines at each winery, etc. It makes it easy to visit a number of wineries which are in close proximity to each other. Bottom line, they [Read More…]

Maydelle Country Wines and Vino Incognita

Maydelle Country Wines - outside Update: Vino Incognita has now closed Maydelle Country Wines is located in Rusk near the railroad tracks of the Rusk railroad. The winery is owned by Steve Harper and Cheryl Ivie-Harper and was opened in 2004. The Texas State Railroad in Rusk has railroad tracks located right next to the winery and you have to cross them to get to the winery. The first time we visited the winery it was unfortunately closed because of an unplanned appointment according [Read More…]

KE Cellars Winery

KE Cellars Winery - owner KE Cellars Winery is located in Rockwall and is owned by Jenniffer and Bill Norman. KE Cellars, owned by Kiepersol Estates Vineyards in Tyler, has now opened two other locations in Texas. The location in Rockwall however is actually a franchise which differentiates it from the others with the Winery name. KE Cellars Winery first opened at The Harbor in Rockwall on August 9, 2011. They closed the location on March 9 and then re-opened in their new location [Read More…]

Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus

Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus - outside Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus is located in Palestine and is owned by Rafael and Cheryl Hernandez. The winery opened in 2008. The winery was not found on our GPS so we used the coordinates we found from Google maps. Fortunately the coordinates brought us to the winery fairly easily as we found the winery on a corner lot in the rural area. As we entered the winery, Cheryl Hernandez was finishing up with a customer and welcomed us to [Read More…]

Crump Valley Vineyards

Crump Valley - outside Crump Valley Vineyards is located in Sulphur Springs about four miles south of Downtown and is owned by Travis Crump and Susan Jones. The winery is available by appointment only. There are a few reasons why this is the case. Number one is the winery does not have an adjacent tasting room yet. Another reason is one of the things that complicates matters, especially when it comes to scheduling tastings and tours, is that Travis and Susan both still [Read More…]

Texas Winery Passport Rewards and Los Pinos Weekend

Zip lining in Canton

As we have mentioned before, the Texas Winery Passport program is definitely something you should be involved with if you are visiting Texas wineries. The rewards get better and better as you visit more wineries. Even though the Texas Winery Passport program will be changing in some way at the start of September, we still recommend collecting passport codes as you visit Texas wineries. We have reached a passport level where the rewards are now given out by the wineries [Read More…]

Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards

Los Pinos - outside Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards is located in Pittsburg and is owned by Jeff Sneed. The winery opened in 2001. We first learned about Los Pinos when we volunteered at a wine festival in Old Town Spring and they were there with a table. We met Sales Director Gerald Jones and he gave us his business card. He said when we make it to the winery, please let him know in advance and he would try to meet us. We [Read More…]

Fairhaven Vineyards

Fairhaven - Outside Fairhaven Vineyards is located in Hawkins and is owned by Ron Winters. The vineyard was started in 2004 and there are now 11 acres. The winery itself opened in 2009 and is very easy to find in the back roads of East Texas. When we arrived at the winery, there was a pourer helping a few people. Since the tasting bar is small, we looked around the room and the adjacent winery production area while waiting for our turn. [Read More…]

Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & Winery

Enoch's Stomp - outside Enoch’s Stomp Vineyard & Winery is located in Harleton and was founded in 2004 by Altus Koegelenberg and Jon Kral. Our GPS led us to the winery but we missed the entrance at first even though we saw the vineyards. When we went past the vineyards, we realized we must have missed it and turned around. On the way back there was the sign viewable from the opposite direction which is why we missed it the first time. Winding [Read More…]

Tara Vineyard and Winery

Tara - outside Tara Vineyard and Winery opened in 2007 and is located near Athens. We had to enter GPS coordinates from Google maps to get us in the right location. It seems like a lot of wineries are located on county roads and are very difficult to find the correct address on a GPS. Fortunately we discovered the Google maps coordinates tip mentioned in our first post. Once we found the Tara Vineyard signs, we thought we were home free. However [Read More…]