Wine Trail Events

I recently published a post about spring and summer wine festivals. A comment was added from Bruce Anderson of Sunset Winery that I should list wine trail events. What a great idea! A lot of Texas wineries are on wine trails and they often have events throughout the year which feature different themes, special activities/wines at each winery, etc. It makes it easy to visit a number of wineries which are in close proximity to each other. Bottom line, they [Read More…]

Homestead Winery

Homestead - Grapevine-inside Homestead Winery has three locations in Texas: Ivanhoe, Denison, and Grapevine. Homestead Winery is owned by Gabe and Barb Parker who started it to continue the Parker family farming tradition begun by Gabe’s grandfather more than 100 years ago. The main location in Ivanhoe is the oldest continually operated winery located in the Red River Valley of North Texas. Winemaking is under the direction of Dr. Roy Mitchell. I have had the opportunity to visit all three locations. Each [Read More…]

Wineries Can Close so Drink Local Might Help

Khatter Vineyards - sign

Unfortunately it’s a fact of life. Businesses open and close all the time due to various reasons. The winery business is not exempt from this process. In the effort to maintain the “latest and greatest” list of all Texas wineries, in addition to adding new wineries which are opening, we also have to update the lists as wineries can close. Sometimes it is known why a winery has closed and other times it is not disclosed. Perhaps there may have [Read More…]

San Martiño Winery

San Martino - inside San Martiño Winery is located north of Rockwall and is owned by Maria C. Perez and Emilio Ramos. Emilio Ramos is the winemaker. They started making wine in 2003 and the winery opened in 2004. San Martiño Winery is a little difficult to locate because the online maps are usually wrong and some GPS’s don’t get their address. The best way to find the winery is to read the directions on their website. Fortunately they are aware of the [Read More…]

CrossRoads Winery

CrossRoads - outside CrossRoads Winery is located in Frisco and is owned by Bob and Darlene Leiker. The winery was originally opened in 2005 and then purchased by the Leikers in 2010. The previous winemaker, John Otis, continues to work at the winery making Texas wine. The first time we visited CrossRoads Winery was on a Friday night. We had planned on visiting a few wineries that Friday and since CrossRoads Winery was opened the latest, it was going to be our [Read More…]

Paris Vineyards

Paris Vineyards - outside Paris Vineyards is located in Paris, Texas, which is probably the most northeastern winery in Texas. Larry and Denise Dority are the owners of the Texas winery and vineyards. The vineyards are located about eight miles northeast of Paris and the tasting room is located in the square of Paris which they call Paris Vineyards Winery on the Square. Doing my usual research, I found out from their website the winery opened at 11:00am. It also stated tours were [Read More…]

Landon Winery

Landon Winery - private wine tasting Landon Winery has two locations, the square in McKinney and in the city of Greenville. Owner Bob Landon opened the first location in McKinney as a D’Vine Wine winery. After a year he then opened in 2005 what we know today as Landon Winery. We were first introduced to Landon Winery from the Texas Winery Passport program. We had reached the reward level where wineries start giving rewards and our first reward was a private wine tasting with a [Read More…]

Not Always Home

Collin Oaks - outside

We have had some great visits at wineries and doing wine tastings, but unfortunately there comes those times where things just don’t work out as planned. Here are a couple wineries we tried to visit. We’re not saying anything negative about these wineries, but just a warning to those trying to visit any winery that unexpected things can happen. Always try to confirm winery hours and availability. Collin Oaks Winery We would love to tell you a lot about [Read More…]

Lone Star Wine Cellars and Triple “R” Ranch & Winery

Lone Star - outside Lone Star Wine Cellars is located in the square of McKinney. John Wales and Ron Ross opened the small wine tasting room and gift shop in 2003. Ron had built a small boutique winery on his property at the Triple “R” Ranch in 2000. John, who had planted the first commercial vineyard in Collin County in 1998, found himself in 2002 with no winery to process his grapes and he was still in the process of building his [Read More…]