BarnHaus Vineyards with a Winery Preview

BarnHaus - house

While updating the most up-to-date listing of Texas wineries on the web early last year, I came across a winery which was going to be called BarnHaus Vineyards and Winery. After checking into the winery, I discovered right now it is BarnHaus Vineyards with a winery planned in the near future. I was sent photosRead More


Inniskillin - outside Inniskillin has two locations in Canada, one in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and the other in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. The winery was started in 1975 by Donald Ziraldo and Karl Kaiser. Inniskillin is often mentioned as Canada’s first maker of Icewine which they produced in 1984. We visited Niagara Falls and were deciding what toRead More

Harvesting at Paradox House Vineyard

Paradox - grapes on vine

Paradox House Vineyard is located in Industry, Texas and owned by Doug and Linda Rowlett. It was time for harvesting white grapes and they were looking for volunteers to help with this year’s harvest, both Blanc du Bois now and Lenoir later. In exchange for the help, a lunch would be served after harvesting alongRead More

Heading to Mendoza!


There will be a short hiatus of blog posts while we take a vacation to Mendoza, Argentina. It’s time to explore far outside of Texas and enjoy some Argentine wine. Gloria and I both love Malbec wine and Mendoza is arguably the best place which grows and makes Malbec. We are wine club members atRead More

Texas Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolutions


Everybody makes New Year’s Resolutions so I thought I would come up with mine, the Texas Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. Undoubtedly the most common resolution is to lose weight so I’ll make that my first resolution. I need to lose a little weight and get back in shape. It’s funny I mentionedRead More