Weinhof Winery

Weinhof Winery - Muenster outside

http://www.weinhofwinery.com Weinhof Winery has two locations with the winery in Forestburg and a tasting room in Muenster. Weinhof Winery is owned by Larry and Brenda Thompson. Brenda is also the winemaker. The Forestburg winery opened in February 2007, and the Muenster tasting room opened in 2010. Since my friend Dave Potter and I would be stopping at both locations, we decided to wait until we got to the tasting room in Muenster for a tasting of their wines.

Homemade Wines

Homemade - outside

http://www.homemadewinesofodessa.com Homemade Wines is located in Odessa and is owned by John and Vicki Solla. The winery opened in 2008 and John Solla is the winemaker. The Solla’s son-in-law Brent Pendleton is the manager. The winery is located in a shopping center in Odessa and was easy to find. Tastings are done while sitting at the tasting bar or a table. The first three wines being tasted are complimentary and every wine after that is an additional $2. The tastings [Read More...]

Helotes Creek Winery

Helotes Creek - outside

http://www.heloteswinery.net Helotes Creek Winery is located in Old Town Helotes. The winery is owned by Lynn and Joe Sparacello and the winery opened in 2009. Lynn is also the winemaker. The location of the winery in Old Town Helotes makes a nice visit with neighboring stores and restaurants within walking distance. Tastings are done while sitting at the tasting bar or a table. There is a tasting fee for your selection of four wines and the tastings are poured from [Read More...]

Poteet Country Winery

Poteet Country - outside

http://www.poteetwine.com Poteet Country Winery is located in Poteet and is owned by Bob Denson and Jim Collums. The winery opened on July 4th, 1998. I arrived at the winery greeted by a lot of windmills lining the driveway. I learned later that co-owner Jim Collums is known as the “windmill man” across the United States. He builds windmills for various purposes such as for movie sets.

Austin Custom Winery

Austin Custom Winery - outside

http://austincustomwinery.com Austin Custom Winery is located obviously in Austin and is owned by Mary Charron who is also the winemaker. Her husband Steve also helps out at the winery. The winery first opened in November 17, 2007 and recently moved in September, 2013 to a new location. I found Austin Custom Winery in a shopping center which is a great location for traffic with plenty of parking. Mary Charron met me at the door and when she saw my camera [Read More...]

Texas Star Winery


http://www.texasstarwinery.com Texas Star Winery is located in Richards and is owned by Earl and Lyn Love. Earl also does the winemaking. He started making wine as a hobby over 20 years ago at home and after an involuntary retirement in 2008, Earl and Lyn decided to purchase land for a winery and opened it on August 28, 2010. On our first drive from Montgomery to the winery 18 miles to the north we followed the winding roads and passed motorcycle [Read More...]

Blue Lotus Winery and Texas Mead Works

Blue Lotus - inside

http://bluelotuswinery.com http://texasmeadworks.com You might be wondering why I put these two wineries together in one post. As I learned when I visited Blue Lotus Winery in Seguin, they are one and the same and are owned by Michael and Melissa Poole. They first opened Texas Mead Works in January 2011 and in September 2012 Blue Lotus Winery was opened. I found the winery at the end of a long driveway and entered the building which was the production facility. As [Read More...]

D’Vine Wine Beaumont

D'Vine Wine Beaumont - outside

http://www.dvinewinebmt.com The D’Vine Wine Beaumont location was opened in 2008 by Patti & Mike Standley and Dale & Carolyn Oliver.   The D’Vine Wine menu is similar to other D’Vine Wine locations and as is common in most locations, the sweet wines are the most popular.   The tasting room is very nicely decorated and there is a nice gift shop with wine accessories and clothing. There is a tasting fee for three wines and you can sit at the tasting [Read More...]

Piney Woods Country Winery and Vineyards

Piney Woods - featured

http://www.pineywoodswines.com Piney Woods Country Winery and Vineyards is located in Orange and is owned by Alfred J. Flies (pronounced like “fleece”). The winery was bonded in 1985 and opened for business in 1987. It was the 14th winery in Texas at the time. On my last visit to the winery Jim, Alfred Flies son-in-law, handled my tasting. Jim told me that the winery is for sale, primarily because Alfred Flies is now over 90 years old but still doing well. [Read More...]

Bruno & George Winery

Bruno - Outside

http://brunoandgeorge.com Bruno & George Winery is located in Sour Lake and is owned by Shawn and Misha Bruno. The winery was bonded in 2000 and opened in 2001 ready to sell its wines. At this time the winery was the 42nd winery in Texas. There is a very interesting and detailed story about the history of Bruno wines on their website so instead of retelling the story here, let me just summarize it. Raisin wine was made in Sicily by Shawn [Read More...]