Another East Texas Road Trip

Barrels at Landon Winery in Greenville

We were last in East Texas in April when we were invited to the Kiepersol Estates Distillery and Tasting Rooms Premiere and visited some other wineries at the time too. One of the wineries we tried to make an appointment to visit was Pelle Legna, but the timing was not right. With a free weekend and the Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl happening, I checked on an appointment with Pelle Legna again and the timing was right this time. A Saturday visiting [Read More...]

Pelle Legna Vineyards and Winery

Pelle Legna - featured Pelle Legna Vineyards and Winery is located in Tyler and is owned by Dawn and Harry Leatherwood. The name of the winery, Pelle Legna, is Italian for “leather wood,” their last name. Pelle Legna is pronounced (pèl-le lé-nah). Dawn decided to use the Italian theme for all their wines too. On their 1,500 acre cattle ranch, Rio Neches Ranch, Dawn first planted eight acres of vineyard in 2007. With later plantings, there are now 9.5 acres of vines and [Read More...]

Grand Oaks Vineyards and Winery

Grand Oaks - outside Grand Oaks Vineyards and Winery is located in Mineola and is owned by Carroll and Martha McHenry. Carroll is also the winemaker. The winery had their grand opening in May 2014. In 2007, a vineyard was planted to see how they could do with growing grapes. Today they grow 2.5 acres of Black Spanish, Mourvèdre, Tempranillo, Blanc du Bois, and Chenin Blanc.

2014 Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl

Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl

Downtown Tyler held their first Wine Swirl on June 28th in the evening. 18 Texas wineries and 16 restaurants/food vendors participated in the sold out event. The swirl was held around the Downtown Tyler two block square which made it easy to go from one location to the next. There were a total of 14 locations with some larger locations doubling up wineries and food offerings. In addition to the wine and food, art booths and live music added to [Read More...]

2014 Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl Preview

Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl

Downtown Tyler is the place to be on the evening of Saturday, June 28 from 6 – 10 pm for the first annual Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl. The wine swirl will allow visitors to sample wine from 18 different wineries and food from 18 different locally owned restaurants in the downtown area. Live music, art booths, and more will be available during the evening. All proceeds go to the City of Tyler Main Street Program which supports the downtown revitalization [Read More...]

Castle Oaks Vineyard and Winery

Castle Oaks - outside Castle Oaks Vineyard and Winery is located in Athens and is owned by Roger and Benita Littleton. They started building the winery June, 2011, and it officially opened June of 2013. We found the winery on the back roads of East Texas. Next to the winery is a vineyard which we learned was one acre of Black Spanish (Lenoir) planted in 2006. They had their first harvest in July, 2012.

2014 Pittsburg Art and Wine Festival Preview

2014 Pittsburg Festival Logo Pittsburg, Texas, is holding their second annual Art and Wine Festival this year on May 31 from 12 pm to 7 pm in the Pittsburg historic downtown district. Admission is $5 which includes a commemorative wine glass with reusable bag. You will also be able to buy tastings at the winery booths by the taste, glass, or bottle. Wineries scheduled to appear are Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards, St. Rose Vineyard & Winery, Red 55 Winery, Fairhaven Vineyards, Maydelle [Read More...]

2014 East Texas Road Trip

Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards

Gloria and I were invited to the Kiepersol Estates Distillery and Tasting Rooms Premiere so we made plans to visit other wineries in East Texas for the weekend too. We both had the Friday off and that gave us more time to plan something for our East Texas road trip. Gerald Jones from Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards has been a friend for a number of years having met and worked with him at wine festivals before and seeing him at other events. [Read More...]

Kiepersol Estates Distillery and Tasting Rooms Premiere

Kiepersol wine and Dirk's Vodka

When I visited Kiepersol Estates last August, I was fortunate to be on a winery tour when owner Pierre de Wet joined us and let the tour group be the first to taste the new vodka he was making. It was going to be called Dirk’s Vodka named after his father and could be available on the Kiepersol Estates grounds because of recent TABC law changes. Distilleries are now allowed to sell two 750ml bottles per person per month. In order [Read More...]

Caney Creek Winery

Caney Creek - wines Caney Creek Winery is located in Grapeland and is owned by Bill and Rebecca Gayle. They planted four acres of vineyard in 2006 and two more acres later. The winery was bonded June, 2012 and opened July 4, 2013 as the first winery in Houston County. I had followed Bill Gayle on Twitter for a while so it was going to be an interesting visit, especially after hearing how they had done so well at their first wine [Read More...]