Kiepersol Estates Distillery and Tasting Rooms Premiere

Kiepersol wine and Dirk's Vodka

When I visited Kiepersol Estates last August, I was fortunate to be on a winery tour when owner Pierre de Wet joined us and let the tour group be the first to taste the new vodka he was making. It was going to be called Dirk’s Vodka named after his father and could be available on the Kiepersol Estates grounds because of recent TABC law changes. Distilleries are now allowed to sell two 750ml bottles per person per month. In order [Read More...]

Caney Creek Winery

Caney Creek - wines Caney Creek Winery is located in Grapeland and is owned by Bill and Rebecca Gayle. They planted four acres of vineyard in 2006 and two more acres later. The winery was bonded June, 2012 and opened July 4, 2013 as the first winery in Houston County. I had followed Bill Gayle on Twitter for a while so it was going to be an interesting visit, especially after hearing how they had done so well at their first wine [Read More...]

Crump Valley Vineyards – Revisited

Crump Valley - outside We first visited Crump Valley Vineyards in 2011 and co-owner Travis Crump led us through a tasting of their wines in the production room because there was not yet a tasting room, and tastings were done by appointment only. Things have changed quite a bit since that time. A nice tasting room has been added on to the winery to accommodate the flow of customers visiting the winery. The biggest change though is Travis Crump has married co-owner Susan [Read More...]

Briar Creek Vineyards

Briar Creek - outside Briar Creek Vineyards is located in Whitehouse and is owned by Don and Donna Freeman. They first planted a vineyard in 2007 and opened the winery in 2012. I visited the winery with friends Laurie and Shelly Ware. We entered the tasting room and met Donna Freeman who was currently helping two other customers with a tasting. We sat at the tasting bar to begin our tasting.

KE Cellars – Lindale

KE Cellars - Lindale - house KE Cellars is owned by Kiepersol Estates and we had previously visited the KE Cellars location in Tyler. A new location was opened in Lindale and I stopped by to visit that location to see what was different.

Kiepersol Estates – Revisited with Vodka

Kiepersol - wines to pour Kiepersol Estates Winery is located in Tyler. The first time we visited them was over two years ago and we wrote about our experience where unfortunately we were unable to take a tour at the winery. After Kiepersol Estates took part in #TXWine Twitter Tuesday, I made it a point to stop and take a tour when I was in the area again. I met two sets of wine friends at the winery, Darlene & Roger Bruckbauer and Laurie & [Read More...]

D’Vine Wine Beaumont

D'Vine Wine Beaumont - outside The D’Vine Wine Beaumont location was opened in 2008 by Patti & Mike Standley and Dale & Carolyn Oliver.   The D’Vine Wine menu is similar to other D’Vine Wine locations and as is common in most locations, the sweet wines are the most popular.   The tasting room is very nicely decorated and there is a nice gift shop with wine accessories and clothing. There is a tasting fee for three wines and you can sit at the tasting [Read More...]

Piney Woods Country Winery and Vineyards

Piney Woods - featured Piney Woods Country Winery and Vineyards is located in Orange and is owned by Alfred J. Flies (pronounced like “fleece”). The winery was bonded in 1985 and opened for business in 1987. It was the 14th winery in Texas at the time. On my last visit to the winery Jim, Alfred Flies son-in-law, handled my tasting. Jim told me that the winery is for sale, primarily because Alfred Flies is now over 90 years old but still doing well. [Read More...]

Pittsburg Art and Wine Festival

Pittsburg, TX

There are a lot of wine festivals in the spring and summer and they are growing all the time as people enjoy getting together and enjoying wine together. One of the newest wine festivals is the 2013 inaugural Pittsburg Art and Wine Festival located in the Historic District of downtown Pittsburg will be held on Saturday, April 27, 2013 from 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm. The wine festival is sponsored by Carla and Robert Peoples, owners of The Holman House [Read More...]

Maydelle Country Wines and Vino Incognita

Vino Incognita - outside Maydelle Country Wines is located in Rusk near the railroad tracks of the Rusk railroad. The winery is owned by Steve Harper and Cheryl Ivie-Harper and was opened in 2004. The Texas State Railroad in Rusk has railroad tracks located right next to the winery and you have to cross them to get to the winery. The first time we visited the winery it was unfortunately closed because of an unplanned appointment according to the sign at the [Read More...]