Lone Hen Winery

Lone Hen - adding the dosage

Lone Hen Winery is located in College Station and is owned by Steve and Vicki Kirkpatrick. Their first vines of Blanc du Bois and Champanel were planted in 2004 on their ten acre lot where they live. They continued by planting Cabernet Sauvignon in 2006 and will be replanting with Lenoir soon. They currently have 1.5 acres of vines and will have four acres of vineyard when completed. In 2009, Lone Hen Winery officially became a winery. We first saw [Read More…]

CapRock Winery – Revisited

CapRock Winery

It had been a couple years since I last visited CapRock Winery and a lot has changed since then. The biggest thing was the sale of the winery to Gary Sowder and Matt Hess, owners of Florida’s Vineyard Agent, early in 2013. As I learned when I recently visited, things have changed even more. Gary Sowder is now sole owner of CapRock Winery and it’s now a family run operation. At the initial purchase, it was announced that Napa Valley’s [Read More…]

Llano Estacado Winery – Revisited

Barrel tasting with Jason Centanni

It seems every time Llano Estacado Winery has been in Houston to do wine tastings at our nearest HEB supermarket, local Houstonian Bill Freidhof, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, was present along with Assistant Winemaker Jason Centanni. Jason has also been present in our past #TXwine Twitter Tuesday tastings when Llano wine was included. Last year after one Twitter Tuesday, he tweeted me to let him know when I would be in Lubbock next time and we would do [Read More…]

McPherson Cellars – Revisited

McPherson Cellars

I went to Newsom Grape Day this year and since I was in the Lubbock area, I took advantage of visiting most of the Lubbock area wineries again to see what was new. First stop was McPherson Cellars which always has a good tasting. I was told Kim McPherson was in the back bottling wine. That was nice to hear he was there because every time I have visited McPherson Cellars, he and his wife Sylvia who owns neighboring La [Read More…]

Ste. Genevieve Winery – Part 1 of 2

Ste. Genevieve - outside

http://www.stegenwines.com Ste. Genevieve Winery is located about 27 miles east of Fort Stockton. It is the largest winery in Texas and the 24th to 26th largest winery in the United States. Outside of California, one winery in Washington which is larger is Ste. Michelle Wine Estates who has multiple wineries in their portfolio including Columbia Crest. Ste. Genevieve used to offer tours at the winery but since it is isolated and largely a commercial business with no romantic feel, which [Read More…]

Bottling at Eaglefire Winery with a Mobile Bottling Line

Mobile bottling - line

Eaglefire Winery announced they would be bottling four wines early on a Saturday morning: Muscat Blanc, Blanc du Bois, Meritage, and Reserve Meritage. Since we had helped owner/winemaker Chris Caldwell bottle before, I decided to volunteer again. In the past when we bottled, there were multiple people needed for each stage of the process from filling the bottles, inserting the corks, foil capsules, and then inserting the bottles into the boxes. It took time but we had fun doing it. [Read More…]

Cork This! Winery

Cork This! - outside

http://www.corkthiswinery.com Cork This! Winery is located in the center of Montgomery and is owned by Karla Nash who is also the winemaker. Mike Phillips does help with the winemaking. The winery was opened in 2009. The last time we visited Cork This! we were fortunate Karla Nash was also present. Besides always being fun to talk to, Karla gave us a tour of the winery and their recent expansion which happened in June, 2013. Tours are available if Karla is [Read More…]

Nomacorc Launches Next Generation NomaSense Oxygen Analyzer for Wine Industry

Nomacorc - NomaSenseScreen

July 1, 2013 – Nomacorc, the world’s largest producer of alternative wine closures and leader in oxygen management technology, announced today the launch of its breakthrough next generation NomaSense™ oxygen analyzer system. The new NomaSense offering is the first portable Total Package Oxygen (TPO) meter designed specifically for the wine industry and allows users to measure and control the total amount of oxygen in wine, particularly during bottling. “Nomacorc continues to serve as an important partner to wineries and academic [Read More…]

Lewis Wines

Lewis - barrels

http://www.lewiswines.com Lewis Wines is located in Johnson City and is owned by Doug Lewis and Duncan McNabb. Both Doug and Duncan handle all the winemaking, sales, etc. The winery opened February 2013. Doug and Duncan were roommates in college and have been friends since. Doug worked at Pedernales Cellars helping winemaking, harvesting, and anything else which needed doing. Duncan would also help out too. They started making a few barrels of wine at Pedernales to learn the craft of winemaking, [Read More…]

D’Vine Wine

D'Vine Wine - Lubbock

http://www.dvinewineusa.com D’Vine Wine is a boutique winery specializing in custom wines. Besides enjoying the wine D’Vine Wine makes, the vintners can guide you through the process of customizing your very own wine. You can then create a personalized label for your wine bottles. D’Vine Wine starts their winemaking process by using the juice rather than using grapes. This gives them the ability to select from a wide variety of wines. All grape juice used is from outside Texas. If you [Read More…]