Pedernales Viognier Reserve 2012 – Out of Bounds?

Pedernales Viognier Reserve 2012

By guest blogger Brock Estes, President of Fly Gap Winery As I woke up early one morning in July with no commitments to anything and the wife and kid away, I decided to celebrate my independence day. I stepped outside to watch the sunrise and get some feel good flowing through my body, and then grabbed a bottle of Pedernales Viognier Reserve 2012 and a bottle of Pedernales 2010 Tempranillo and proceeded to celebrate. I was excited to take in all [Read More...]

Heading to Mendoza!


There will be a short hiatus of blog posts while we take a vacation to Mendoza, Argentina. It’s time to explore far outside of Texas and enjoy some Argentine wine. Gloria and I both love Malbec wine and Mendoza is arguably the best place which grows and makes Malbec. We are wine club members at The NICE Winery located in Houston, Texas. Winemakers Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld do not ship in juice or must to make their wine in [Read More...]

2013 Rodeo Uncorked! Roundup and Best Bites Competition

2013 Best Bites - logo

The 2013 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Wine Competition was judged in November, the results were announced, and I compiled a list of all the Texas winery medal winners. On February 17th, people got a chance to taste the major medal winners not just from Texas but from around the world at the 10th annual Rodeo Uncorked! Roundup and Best Bites Competition. As a reminder, the wine competition included 2,884 wines from 943 wineries in Texas, the United States, [Read More...]

Italian Wine Tales – Houston 2013

Sebastiano Ricci

Gambero Rosso recently presented in Houston for the first time its Italian Wine Tales. This event was to show “the fascinating appeal of Prosecco Superiore and the timeless elegance of Vino Nobile. I was fortunate to be invited to this event and was able to bring Gloria, the photographer and my significant other. There were two seminars held on sparkling Prosecco and Red Tuscan. During and after the seminars there was a walk around tasting with the room divided in [Read More...]

Wine Aroma Kits

White Wine Aroma Kit

Want to improve your ability to detect aromas from the wine you drink? Is it grapefruit, lemon, lychee, roasted hazelnut, etc.? You can either buy all those items to smell one time or there’s a better way, an aroma kit. These kits contain little vials which contain a particular aroma and you can use them again and again to train your sense of smell to detect that aroma. They are the ultimate wine education tool. We have used these types [Read More...]

Duchman Family Winery’s 2010 Vermentino

Duchman Family Winery 2010 Vermentino

The 2010 Vermentino from Duchman Family Winery has been getting a lot of press with its recent availability and top wine bloggers have been commenting on the wine. Duchman Family Winery is obviously excited about the wine with winemaker Dave Reilly even saying, “The 2010 Vermentino is the best wine I’ve ever made.” The 2010 Vermentino is made with grapes from Bingham Family Vineyards in the Texas High Plains. I received a sample of the wine but since the purpose [Read More...]