Ste. Genevieve Winery – Part 1 of 2

Ste. Genevieve - outside Ste. Genevieve Winery is located about 27 miles east of Fort Stockton. It is the largest winery in Texas and the 24th to 26th largest winery in the United States. Outside of California, one winery in Washington which is larger is Ste. Michelle Wine Estates who has multiple wineries in their portfolio including Columbia Crest. Ste. Genevieve used to offer tours at the winery but since it is isolated and largely a commercial business with no romantic feel, which [Read More...]

2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – Texas Winners

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

The 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition results are in on their website and Texas was very well represented. A total of 5,825 entries from 1,500 wineries from over 25 states in America participated. 20 Texas wineries won a total of 87 medals.

2014 Spring and Summer Wine Festivals


Here are the 2014 spring and summer wine festivals we are aware of in Texas. Note: It is too early for some planning committees so the dates are not yet set for some festivals. We will update the dates as we know them. If you know of dates or a festival we missed, please let us know.

2013 Year in Review – 2014 Resolutions


Another year has quickly passed and another one is about to begin. I made some 2013 New Year’s Resolutions earlier in the year. Let’s see how I did.

2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Wine Competition Texas Winery Results

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo

The top winners in the 2014 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo International Wine Competition were recently announced. Along with that announcement, it stated they judged wines from 40 Texas wineries. I am not sure where they got that number because according to the official results of all medals, there are 47 wineries in the list that operate a winery in Texas. Perhaps it is how the winery entered the competition. As a reminder, the Top Texas Wine was the Bending Branch [Read More...]

Interactive Texas Wineries Map

Texas state map

The Texas Wine Lover blog has long contained the most accurate list of Texas wineries which are open or soon to be opened. Today is the unveiling of an interactive Texas wineries map which has long been in the planning and development stages. The map is just the start of what it will eventually be, but is being unveiled in time for October being Texas wine month. Currently the Texas wineries map contains all currently open Texas wineries making wine. [Read More...]

Retreat Hill Winery & Vineyard Says Goodbye

Retreat Hill - medals

Retreat Hill Winery was our very first blog post so it is only fitting that we also bring the unfortunate news they announced on September 15th. After four years, Retreat Hill Winery & Vineyard will be closing.

Messina Hof Replies to For Sale in Texas Only and GO TEXAN

For Sale in Texas Only - Paul and Merrill

There has been a lot of discussion happening recently in websites, blogs, Facebook, and Twitter regarding Texas labeling practices of “For Sale in Texas Only ” and the use of the GO TEXAN logo on wine. CraveDFW and writer Andrew Chalk started the controversy with the article “Dear Whole Foods Market, Please Remove Non-Texas Wine From Your Texas Wine Display”. I’m not sure what the original purpose for the article was, but it created a lot of comments including those from [Read More...]

Battle of the Texas Roussannes

Roussanne blind tasting - Revealed wines

Following last year’s Battle of the Texas wine Orange Muscats, we decided with the help of some friends to do another blind tasting, the Battle of the Texas Roussannes. Summer heat called for a chilled wine and the decision was to focus on Roussannes from Texas fruit. Coincidentally the month before we made this decision, the Texas Wine and Food Consortium’s Texas vs. The World Monthly Tasting consisted of Roussanne. I contacted Daniel Kelada, Vice President of The Texas Wine [Read More...]

Mendoza – Day 1

Ruca Malén vineyard

We recently had the opportunity to travel to Mendoza, Argentina along with one of our favorite Texas wineries, The NICE Winery located in Houston, Texas. If you are a frequent visitor to Texas wineries, you may not have heard of them yet unless perhaps you came across their wine in stores like HEB, a wine festival/signing, or in a high end restaurant. The NICE Winery is owned by Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld and they are also the winemakers. Their [Read More...]