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There are some great wineries in Texas. Gloria and I (no, we’re not married, just engaged) have been fortunate to visit over 230 wineries in Texas and have enjoyed every minute. We will tell you of our experiences at the wineries themselves and other Texas wine news here at Texas Wine Lover®. With the help of Jeremy Wilson, he will be providing wine reviews and was instrumental in starting the Texas Wine Lover podcast. There will also be some non-Texas wine articles thrown in too.

In order to get personal experience with the wine industry, we have volunteered at wine festivals around Houston where we live and helped wineries bottle wine, harvest grapes, prune vines, and punch down during fermentation. I even made my first home wine from a kit to try and learn the winemaking process (it was drinkable!). I am always learning about the intricacies of wine by taking wine classes in addition to attending seminars and conferences. I have also been a judge at an international wine competition.

We are both members of Texas Wine & Grape Growers Association (TWGGA). I was the recipient of the Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association’s 2014 Wine Press Award. I also co-wrote an article with Debbie Reynolds which was published in the AmericasCuisine Dallas, Volume 2 edition. I have received my Level 1 Sommelier certification from The Court of Master Sommeliers.

The Texas Wine Lover blog has been featured in the Houston Press and articles have appeared in Texas Wine and Trail Magazine and other popular blogs such as Wine Compass.

If you want to start your own journeys throughout Texas and the wineries, you can find the latest up-to-date listings of the wineries, wine trails, and wine trail events right here by looking at the Texas Wineries menu. We are trying to keep the lists of wineries up-to-date with all Texas wineries. If you see one missing, please let us know and we’ll add it, and then we’ll probably visit it! The winery lists also identify the wineries we have visited and the ones we still need to visit. Our goal, if possible, is to visit every Texas winery!

To make Texas wine, you need both the combination of great grapes and great wineries so also only here is an attempt at a complete list of Texas Vineyards.

Then be sure to check our first post on tips to visit wineries. Have fun!

Gloria and Jeff

Gloria and Jeff

Disclaimer and Samples

All posts about wineries are from our point of view and we do not receive any money from a winery in order to create a post. Some wineries do offer us a discount or complimentary tasting but there is no guarantee given that a post will be written.

We would be happy to receive wine or product samples like other bloggers, however being that we both have full-time jobs and an adult signature is needed for alcohol shipments, there is nobody available to receive the package. If by some chance we were able to receive a sample, it must be with the understanding there are no guarantees a post would be written about the product.


Since this blog is covered by the copyright law and fair use, including Texas Wine Lover being a registered trademark, please ask for permission first before any content or photograph is “borrowed.”


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  1. We certainly appreciate what you’re doing to spread the good word. Always best to hear it first-hand from those that have a passion for Texas Wines, enjoy visiting Texas Wineries and take time out to share their experiences. So with that, we thank you for what you do!

  2. Ann Bartholomew says:

    I love reading your blog. I write one also, but not as well, or as prolific.

    I also have a wine group, and although we have other events, we do have quite a few focusing on the wineries & wines in Texas.

    Keep up the good work telling people about the great wines & winemakers of Texas….

  3. Hi Jeff and Gloria! My wife Jenny and I are big fans of Texas wine as well. While we now live in Colorado we have many fine memories of exploring the wineries in the Hill Country area.

    I saw on Twitter that you’re in the Houston area, we used to live in Clear Lake. One winery we really enjoyed was Haak Winery down in Santa Fe, Texas.

    They have quite a nice setup in the summer with live music, food, and wine of course. I’d love to hear your thoughts on their wines. http://www.haakwine.com

    Keep up the good work! My wife and I will be putting some these wineries on our list of places to visit the next time we’re visiting family in Texas.

    -Matt Williams (@localwinetv)

  4. Hi Matt and Jenny. Next time you’re in Houston, give us a shout. We have been to Haak Winery only once (last year) since we’re on the opposite corner of Houston, but we were just commenting last week that we needed to go again, in particular to go to one of their music events. We started keeping track of the wines we like or bought, and do have 3 of theirs listed. We look forward to trying some more of theirs. Cheers!

  5. patrick pierce says:

    Hi Jeff&Gloria I want to thank you for your kind words. WE appreciate all you do to bring the Texas wines to the attention of all the people of this great state. keep up the good work. Cheers Patrick

  6. Thanks Patrick. We look forward to visiting Tara Winery again the next time we’re in the area!

  7. Jeff,
    Thanks for coming by our booth at the Dripping Springs Wine & Food Festival and sampling my Tempranillo bittersweet truffle at Dripping Springs Winetours.

  8. Bill Freidhof says:


    Enjoy yourself in Argentina! Thanks for all you do for the Texas wine industry!

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