2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition Texas Results

San Francisco International Wine Competition

The 34th annual San Francisco International Wine Competition took place at the Nikko Hotel in downtown San Francisco on June 20, 21, and 22, 2014. 4,570 products were entered from 26 states and 31 countries.

The best of show results were the wines which the entire judging panel selected as the best in each category and these are the Texas wineries who won best of show:

Best Rosé
Becker Vineyards 2013 Mourvèdre Rosé, Provencal, Tallent Vineyard, Texas Hill Country

Best Cabernet / Syrah
Grape Creek Vineyard 2012 Cabernet / Syrah, Texas

Best White Rhône Blend
McPherson Cellars 2013 White Rhone Blend / Brother’s Blend

These are the Texas wineries who won medals in the wine competition:

Arché2012Ryan's RedEstateTexoma$24Bronze
Arché2012RoussanneTexas High Plains$24Bronze
Becker Vineyards2012ClaretTexas High Plains$17Bronze
Becker Vineyards2012White BlendFleur SauvageTexas High Plains$14Bronze
Becker Vineyards2012Barbera / MerlotTexas$40Bronze
Becker Vineyards2012Red BlendCulinariaTexas$22Silver
Becker Vineyards2013Red Rhône BlendPrairie RotieTexas Hill Country$17Bronze
Becker Vineyards2013Mourvèdree RoséProvencalTexas Hill Country$17Double Gold
Becker Vineyards2012Cabernet SauvignonReserveTexas$40Silver
Becker Vineyards2012Cabernet SauvignonNewsom ReserveTexas High PlainsBronze
Becker Vineyards2012Premium Bordeaux BlendRavenTexas Hill Country$40Bronze
Becker Vineyards2012Cabernet FrancReserveTexas$30Silver
Bernhardt WineryNVVin du SoleiAmerican$25Gold
Bernhardt WineryNVCabernet SauvignonAmerican$26Silver
Blue Ostrich Winery2012TempranilloTexas$23Bronze
Blue Ostrich WineryNVRoséPoppy's GardenAmerican$16Bronze
Blue Ostrich Winery2012Orange MuscatDessert WineTexas$35Bronze
Brennan Vineyards2012Cabernet SauvignonTexas$26Silver
Brennan Vineyards2011Buffalo Roam Rhône BlendTexas$22Bronze
Brennan Vineyards2012TempranilloTexas$26Silver
Brushy Creek Vineyards2012TempranilloTexas$25Silver
Brushy Creek Vineyards2012TempranilloTexas$30Silver
Brushy Creek Vineyards2012TempranilloTexas$35Bronze
Duchman Family Winery2011TempranilloTexas$34Silver
Duchman Family Winery2011AglianicoTexas$28Gold
Duchman Family Winery2011SangioveseTexas$35Silver
Duchman Family Winery2011TrebbianoTexas$18Bronze
Duchman Family Winery2012VermentinoTexas$18Silver
Duchman Family Winery2011MontepulcianoTexas$30Silver
Duchman Family WineryNVWhite BlendTexas BiancoTexas$16Bronze
Duchman Family Winery2012ViognierTexas$18Silver
Eden Hill WineryNVGarden RedTexas$18Bronze
Eden Hill Winery2013RoussanneTexas$22Gold
Eden Hill Winery2013Divine WhiteTexas$22Gold
Fall Creek Vineyards2013Sauvignon BlancTexas$12Bronze
Fall Creek Vineyards2012GSMTexas Hill Country$25Silver
Fall Creek Vineyards2013Chenin BlancTexas$9Bronze
Flat Creek Estate2013Pinot GrigioEstate BottledTexas Hill Country$20Bronze
Flat Creek Estate2011TempranilloLost Draw VineyardTexas High Plains$35Bronze
Flat Creek Estate2011SyrahEstate BottledTexas Hill Country$35Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyard2012Premium Bordeaux BlendMosaicAmerican$38Gold
Grape Creek Vineyard2013Pinot GrigioAmerican$19Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyard2012Cabernet / SyrahTexas$33Double Gold
Grape Creek Vineyard2012Red Rhône BlendRendezvousTexas$22Silver
Grape Creek Vineyard2012Premium Red BlendSerendipityAmerican$47Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyard2012Sangiovese BlendBelissimoTexas$36Silver
Grape Creek Vineyard2013ViognierAmerican$19Double Gold
Grape Creek Vineyard2013Cuvée BlancAmerican$19Silver
Grape Creek Vineyard2012Cabernet TroisTexas$22Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyard2012MerlotTexas$22Silver
Haak Vineyards & Winery2009Jacquez Dessert WineTexas$40Silver
Haak Vineyards & Winery2012Blanc du BoisSemi Sweet Table WineTexas$15Bronze
Haak Vineyards & Winery2011Blanc du Bois Light Dessert WineTexas$40Bronze
Haak Vineyards & Winery2013Blanc du BoisDry Table WineTexas$15Bronze
Haak Vineyards & Winery2012TempranilloTexas$20Bronze
Haak Vineyards & Winery2009Jacquez Light Dessert WineTexas$40Double Gold
Kiepersol Estates WineryNVRed BlendTexas$10Bronze
Kiepersol Estates Winery2009Cabernet SauvignonTexas$20Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards2012Cabernet / SangioveseTexicanTexas High Plains$21Silver
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards2011Cabernet SauvignonLimited ReserveTexas High Plains$48Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards2013Black SpanishAll My X'sTexas$15Silver
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards2013Blanc du BoisBlanco GrandeTexas$21Silver
Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards2012MeritageAmerican$21Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsNVWhite ZinfandelPinky TuscanderoAmerican$15Silver
Lost Oak Winery2012ShirazEstateTexas$30Silver
Lost Oak Winery2012ViognierTexas$21Silver
Lost Oak Winery2012Red BlendTexas$25Silver
Lost Oak Winery2012MerlotTexas High Plains$23Bronze
Lost Oak WineryNVTempranilloTexas High Plains$26Silver
McPherson Cellars2012La Herencia Red BlendTexas$13Silver
McPherson Cellars2013White Rhône BlendBrother's Blend$13Double Gold
McPherson Cellars2013Les Copains RoséTexas$13Silver
Pedernales Cellars2013CincoTexas$30Bronze
Pedernales Cellars2012TempranilloReserveTexas$40Double Gold
Pedernales Cellars2012GSMTexas$30Bronze
Sister Creek Vineyards2012Premium Bordeaux BlendVintner's CollectionTemecula Valley$40Gold
Sister Creek Vineyards2013Premium Bordeaux BlendTemecula Valley$29Double Gold
Sister Creek Vineyards2012Red Bordeaux BlendTemecula Valley$16Silver
Solaro Estate WineryNVPortCellar Reserve 5 BarrelsTexas$29Bronze
Spicewood Vineyards2012TempranilloEstateTexas Hill Country$30Silver
Spicewood Vineyards2012Pinot NoirSonoma Coast$33Bronze
Spicewood Vineyards2013RoussanneTexas High Plains$14Bronze
Spicewood Vineyards2012SyrahColombia Valley$25Silver
Spicewood Vineyards2012TempranilloTexas High Plains$24Bronze
Spicewood Vineyards2012Premium Red BlendThe Good Guy, EstateTexas Hill Country$35Bronze


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  1. […] McPherson Cellars has hit it out of the park again with their 2013 Les Copains Dry Rosé.  That should be no surprise as it has been winning awards around the country. The 2013 Les Copains Dry Rosé was a Grand Star winner for a Texas Rosé at the Lone Star International Wine Competition in June, 2014. They followed that up later that month with a silver medal at the 2014 San Francisco International Wine Competition. […]

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