2014 Lone Star International Wine Competition results

Lone Star International Wine Competition

These are the results from the 2014 Lone Star International Wine Competition in the 31st year of the competition. It is the oldest wine competition in Texas.

The first two tables include both Texas and non-Texas winery wines. The last table is just Texas wineries with their medals. Some of the Gold medal photos can be seen on the TXWineLover Facebook page.

Grand Star Awards
Brand Name Label Grape Varieties Vintage
Late Harvest, Dessert, & Ice Wine
Arrington Vineyards La Crescent 100% La Crescent 2013
Red Table Wine
Caricature Red Wine 82% Cabernet Sauvignon, 13% Zinfandel, 5% Teroldego 2011
Rose’ & Blush Wine
Becker Vineyards Provencal 100% Mourvedre 2013
White Table Wine
Grape Creek Vineyards Viognier 100% Viognier 2013
Limited Production
Late Harvest, Dessert, & Ice Wine
Presque Isle Wine Cellars Eskimo Kisses 100% Vidal 2013
Red Table Wine
Braman Merlot 100% Merlot 2010
White Table Wine
Pilot Knob Vineyard Viognier 100% Viognier 2013
Late Harvest, Dessert, & Ice Wine
Landon Winery Orange Muscat 100% Orange Muscat 2012
Red Table Wine
Brushy Creek Vineyards Tempranillo Estate 100% Tempranillo 2012
Rose’ & Blush Wine
McPherson Cellars Les Copains Rose’ 55% Cinsault, 30% Mourvedre, 15% Viognier 2013
White Table Wine
Fall Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc 100% Sauvignon Blanc 2013


Best in Varietal Awards
Brand Name Label Grape Varieties Vintage
Blanc du Bois Texas
Chisholm Trail  Belle Starr  100% Blanc du Bois  2012
Cabernet Sauvignon International
Amizetta Cabernet Sauvignon 100% Cabernet Sauvignon 2010
Merlot Limited Production
Braman Merlot 100% Merlot 2010
Roussanne Texas
Perissos Vineyards Roussanne 100% Roussanne 2012
Syrah International
Lafond Winery Syrah 100% Syrah 2011
Tempranillo Texas
Brushy Creek Vineyards Tempranillo Estate 100% Tempranillo 2012
Varietal Blush International
Becker Vineyards Provencal 100% Mourvedre 2013
Viognier International
Grape Creek Vineyards Viognier 100% Viognier 2013

 Texas Winery Medals

Sweet Dreams WinerySweet HeatInternationalFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVGold
Texas Southwind Vineyard & WineryBlackberryInternationalFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVGold
Arche'SyrahInternationalRed Table Wine2012Gold
Becker VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Reserve EstateInternationalRed Table Wine2012Gold
Becker VineyardsProvencalInternationalRose' & Blush Wine2013Gold
Dry Comal Creek VineyardsWhite Black Spanish VIInternationalRose' & Blush WineNVGold
Grape Creek VineyardsViognierInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Gold
Queen's WineryMayan VoyageLimited ProductionFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVGold
BramanMerlotLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2010Gold
Arche'Vintner's Reserve RoussanneLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Pilot Knob VineyardViognierLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Gold
Fiesta WineryHappy TrailsTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2013Gold
Texas LegatoGCP MirtilloTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVGold
Landon WineryOrange MuscatTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2012Gold
Brushy Creek VineyardsTempranillo EstateTexasRed Table Wine2012Gold
DuchmanTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2011Gold
Eden Hill VineyardGarden RedTexasRed Table WineNVGold
Grape Creek VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon/SyrahTexasRed Table Wine2012Gold
Perissos VineyardsEstate Petite SirahTexasRed Table Wine2012Gold
McPherson CellarsLes Copains Rose'TexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Gold
Becker VineyardsViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Chisholm TrailBelle StarrTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Fall Creek VineyardsSauvignon BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2013Gold
Haak Vineyards & WinerySweet Blanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Hye MeadowOrange MuscatTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Lost Oak WineryViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Messina Hof WineryChenin BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Paris VineyardsBlanc du Bois SweetTexasWhite Table WineNVGold
Perissos VineyardsRoussanneTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Wedding Oak WineryViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2012Gold
Chisholm TrailAlmagresInternationalFortified Wine2008Silver
Llano Estacado WineryCellar Select PortInternationalFortified WineNVSilver
Queen's WineryMayan VoyageInternationalFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVSilver
Landon WineryChocolate FinaleInternationalLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVSilver
Messina HofLate Harvest MoscatoInternationalLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVSilver
AlmazaBarberaInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsRavenInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsBarbera-MerlotInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsPrairie RotieInternationalRed Table Wine2013Silver
Becker VineyardsClaretInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsCabernet FrancInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Grape Creek VineyardsMosaic - A MeritageInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Hye MeadowDolcettoInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Hye MeadowAglianicoInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Llano Estacado WineryTempranilloInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsMeritageInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Messina Hof WineryPrivate Reserve ShirazInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Singing Water VineyardsFreedomInternationalRed Table Wine2011Silver
Singing Water VineyardsMerlotInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsEstate TempranilloInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsTempranilloInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Stone House VineyardTempranilloInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Llano Estacado WineryViviano Superiore RossoInternationalRed Table Wine2010Silver
Wedding Oak WineryTiojaInternationalRed Table Wine2012Silver
Blue OstrichPoppy's GardenInternationalRose' & Blush WineNVSilver
Crump Valley VineyardsNeonInternationalRose' & Blush Wine2013Silver
Crump Valley VineyardsPhat Cat Sweet WhiteInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Dry Comal Creek VineyardsFrench Colombard Bone DryInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Grape Creek VineyardsMuscat CanelliInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Grape Creek VineyardsCuvee BlancInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Hye MeadowEdelzwickerInternationalWhite Table Wine2011Silver
McPherson CellarsLes Copains WhiteInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Messina HofTrebbianoInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Messina Hof WineryChenin BlancInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Pilot Knob VineyardViognierInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Wedding Oak WineryTerre BlancInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Darcy's VineyardLoquat BlushLimited ProductionFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2014Silver
Darcy's VineyardsEzzellion HellionLimited ProductionFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2013Silver
Pillar Bluff VineyardsAu PoireLimited ProductionFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVSilver
Arche'Vintner's Reserve TempranilloLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Silver
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsMalbecLimited ProductionRed Table WineNVSilver
Lavaca BluffsDos RiosLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Silver
Peach Creek VineyardsValienteLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsEstate MerlotLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Silver
BramanPinot GrigioLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsRoussanneLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Chisholm TrailAlmagresTexasFortified Wine2008Silver
Dry Comal Creek VineyardsRed PortTexasFortified WineNVSilver
Fiesta WineryBack Porch Sittin'TexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2013Silver
Fiesta WinerySkinny DippinTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2013Silver
Fiesta WineryWell Water WineTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2013Silver
Blue OstrichMuscat L'OrangeTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2012Silver
Eden Hill VineyardRoussanne Sweet Dessert WineTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2012Silver
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsRuby Red ReserveTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVSilver
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsJubilee ReserveTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVSilver
HaakMadeiraTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2009Silver
Messina HofLate Harvest MoscatoTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVSilver
Queen's WineryMayan VoyageTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVSilver
Becker VineyardsPrairie RotieTexasRed Table Wine2013Silver
Becker VineyardsRavenTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsClaretTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsBarbera-MerlotTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
BramanReserve MeritageTexasRed Table Wine2010Silver
Brennan VineyardsCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Brennan VineyardsWinemaker's ChoiceTexasRed Table WineNVSilver
Brushy Creek VineyardsTempranillo RushTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
DuchmanMontepulcianoTexasRed Table Wine2011Silver
DuchmanAglianicoTexasRed Table Wine2011Silver
Eden Hill VineyardCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Fall Creek VineyardsGSMTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsTempranilloTexasRed Table WineNVSilver
Grape Creek VineyardsRendezvousTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Grape Creek VineyardsPetite SirahTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Grape Creek VineyardsBellissimoTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Grape Creek VineyardsCabernet TroisTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
HaakTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Landon WineryCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2008Silver
Landon WineryThe TexanTexasRed Table Wine2011Silver
Landon WineryMerlotTexasRed Table Wine2006Silver
Landon WineryReserve Cabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Landon WineryMerlotTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Llano Estacado WineryAglianicoTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsTexicanTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Lost Oak WineryCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Lost Oak WineryTrioTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
McPherson CellarsLa HerenciaTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Messina HofZin Private ReserveTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Messina Hof WineryPrivate Reserve ShirazTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Peach Creek VineyardsValienteTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Pedernales CellarsTempranillo ReserveTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Pedernales CellarsGSMTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Pelle Legna VineyardsBilanciaTexasRed Table Wine2010Silver
Pemberton CellarsTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Perissos VineyardsEstate AglianicoTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Perissos VineyardsEstate Racker's BlendTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Perissos VineyardsSangioveseTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
San Martino WineryCabernet Sauvignon ReserveTexasRed Table Wine2009Silver
San Martino WineryDecenniumTexasRed Table Wine2009Silver
Spicewood VineyardsEstate TempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsThe Good GuyTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Stone House VineyardClarosTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Su Vino WineryTrailheadTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Sunset WineryCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2008Silver
Texas LegatoCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2011Silver
Texas LegatoMalbecTexasRed Table Wine2010Silver
Llano Estacado WineryViviano Superiore RossoTexasRed Table Wine2010Silver
Wedding Oak WineryTerre RougeTexasRed Table Wine2012Silver
Becker VineyardsProvencalTexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Silver
Haak Vineyards & WineryPink PelicanTexasRose' & Blush WineNVSilver
Landon WineryRed Rose Sweet RedTexasRose' & Blush WineNVSilver
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsRosatoTexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Silver
Blue OstrichBlanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Blue OstrichViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Crump Valley VineyardsVin de La VigneTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Crump Valley VineyardsPhat Cat Sweet WineTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
DuchmanVermentinoTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
DuchmanViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & WineryBlanc du Bois SweetTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & WineryBlanc du Bois Off DryTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Fall Creek VineyardsChenin BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Flat Creek EstateEstate Pinto GrigioTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
HaakDry Blanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
HaakSemi Sweet Blanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Homestead WineryMuscatoTexasWhite Table WineNVSilver
Llano Estacado WinerySauvignon BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Llano Estacado WineryPinot GrigioTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Lost Oak WineryBlanc du Bois Semi SweetTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Messina HofBlanc du Bois Private ReserveTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Paris VineyardsBlanc du Bois Off DryTexasWhite Table WineNVSilver
Perissos VineyardsEstate Muscat RhoneTexasWhite Table Wine2012Silver
Spicewood VineyardsRoussanneTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Wedding Oak WineryTerre BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Whistling Duck Vineyards & WineryPura VidaTexasWhite Table Wine2013Silver
Caney Creek WineryBlanc du BoisInternationalFortified Wine2012Bronze
Sweet Dreams WineryPlum Rose'InternationalFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Landon WinerySherryInternationalLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice WineNVBronze
AlmazaAglianicoInternationalRed Table Wine2009Bronze
AlmazaZinfandelInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
AlmazaSyrah/MalbecInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsReserve MerlotInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Reserve WilmethInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsZinfandelInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Blue OstrichCuvee RougeInternationalRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsBelle Sweet RedInternationalRed Table Wine2013Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsMerlotInternationalRed Table Wine2013Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsCabernet SauvignonInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Dry Comal Creek VineyardsPetit SyrahInternationalRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Grape Creek VineyardsSerendipityInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Hye MeadowSangioveseInternationalRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Landon WineryTempranilloInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Messina HofZin Private ReserveInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Pelle Legna VineyardsVivaceInternationalRed Table Wine2013Bronze
Pelle Legna VineyardsBilanciaInternationalRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Pilot Knob VineyardFranco RojoInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Singing Water VineyardsVintner's ReserveInternationalRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Singing Water VineyardsSweet LupeInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Spicewood VineyardsPinot NoirInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Spicewood VineyardsThe Good GuyInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Sweet Dreams WineryOutlaw RedInternationalRed Table Wine2012Bronze
The WeimaryStrong Arm JackInternationalRed Table WineNVBronze
Grape Creek VineyardsCabernet BlancInternationalRose' & Blush Wine2012Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsPinky TuscanderoInternationalRose' & Blush WineNVBronze
Arche'RoussanneInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsViognierInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsFleur SauvageInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsChardonnayInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsVin de La VigneInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Grape Creek VineyardsPinot GrigioInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Gray Ghost VineyardsGewurztraminerInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Gray Ghost VineyardsReserve ChardonnayInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Hye MeadowChardonnayInternationalWhite Table Wine2011Bronze
Llano Estacado WinerySauvignon BlancInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Messina HofBlanc du Bois Private ReserveInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Pelle Legna VineyardsEstate AllegroInternationalWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Pleasant Hill WineryBlanc du BoisInternationalWhite Table WineNVBronze
Singing Water VineyardsSauvignon BlancInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Stone House VineyardRieslingInternationalWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Majek Vineyard & WineryLenoirLimited ProductionFortified Wine2013Bronze
Pleasant Hill WineryTawny Rosso ForteLimited ProductionFortified WineNVBronze
Brushy Creek VineyardsCarnelianLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Cathedral Mountain VineyardTempranilloLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsPinot NoirLimited ProductionRed Table WineNVBronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsCabernet SauvignonLimited ProductionRed Table WineNVBronze
Hye MeadowPetite SirahLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Pelle Legna VineyardsBilanciaLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Pemberton CellarsTempranilloLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Pillar Bluff VineyardsTylerLimited ProductionRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Su Vino WineryPinot NoirLimited ProductionRed Table WineNVBronze
Majek Vineyard & WineryCardinal's PerchLimited ProductionRose' & Blush Wine2013Bronze
Angelita WineryBlanc du Bois ReserveLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Brushy Creek VineyardsMuscat of AlexandriaLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Brushy Creek VineyardsMuscat GialloLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Eden Hill VineyardRoussanneLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Eden Hill VineyardDivine WhiteLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Paris VineyardsBlanc du Bois DryLimited ProductionWhite Table WineNVBronze
Pelle Legna VineyardsEstate AllegroLimited ProductionWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Pemberton CellarsViognierLimited ProductionWhite Table WineNVBronze
Caney Creek WineryBlanc du BoisTexasFortified Wine2012Bronze
Landon WineryGrand FinaleTexasFortified Wine2006Bronze
Lavaca BluffsWild Mustang PortejasTexasFortified Wine2013Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsTorteTexasFortified Wine2006Bronze
Pleasant Hill WineryTawny Rosso ForteTexasFortified WineNVBronze
Dancing Bee WineryBlackberryTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Dancing Bee WineryCyser AppleTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Dancing Bee WineryTraditional Sweet MeadTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsBlueberryTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsPeachTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Lavaca BluffsTexana PearTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape Wine2013Bronze
Queen's WineryMayan VoyageTexasFruit Wine and Other Than Grape WineNVBronze
Chisholm TrailGhostriderTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2013Bronze
HaakMadeiraTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2011Bronze
HaakJacquez PortTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2009Bronze
Sunset WineryVintner's Select Orange MuscatTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2010Bronze
Texas Hills VineyardOrange MoscatoTexasLate Harvest, Dessert & Ice Wine2012Bronze
Arche'Ryan's RedTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Arche'SyrahTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Arche'TempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Arche'Sweet TemptationTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsReserve MerlotTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsCabernet FrancTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Reserve WilmethTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsZinfandelTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon Reserve EstateTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Blue OstrichTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Blue OstrichSangioveseTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Blue OstrichCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
BramanMeritageTexasRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Brennan VineyardsSuper NeroTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Brennan VineyardsBuffalo RoamTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Brennan VineyardsTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Brushy Creek VineyardsTempranillo KlassenTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Brushy Creek VineyardsTannatTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Cathedral Mountain VineyardTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsBelle Sweet RedTexasRed Table Wine2013Bronze
Dry Comal Creek VineyardsBlack SpanishTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Eden Hill VineyardTempranillo/Cabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Fall Creek VineyardsTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Fall Creek VineyardsMeritusTexasRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Fiesta WineryTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Flat Creek EstateEstate SyrahTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Flat Creek EstateTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Flat Creek EstateSangioveseTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsMerlotTexasRed Table WineNVBronze
Grape Creek VineyardsMerlotTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Homestead WineryTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Homestead WineryMalbecTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Hye MeadowTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Landon WineryTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Landon WineryCabernet FrancTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Landon WineryCabernet FrancTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Landon WineryCabernet FrancTexasRed Table Wine2006Bronze
Landon WineryCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table WineNVBronze
Lavaca BluffsCasa de LavacaTexasRed Table Wine2013Bronze
Llano Estacado WineryMalbecTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Llano Estacado WineryTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsAll My X'sTexasRed Table Wine2013Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsCabernet SauvignonTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Lost Oak WineryTempranilloTexasRed Table WineNVBronze
McPherson CellarsSangioveseTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
McPherson CellarsLes Copains RedTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Pedernales CellarsNorth BlockTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Perissos VineyardsEstate MalbecTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Perissos VineyardsEstate SyrahTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Pillar Bluff VineyardsTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Pleasant Hill WinerySangioveseTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
San Martino WineryTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2010Bronze
San Martino WinerySangioveseTexasRed Table Wine2009Bronze
Spicewood VineyardsEstate MerlotTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Texas Hills VineyardCabernet FrancTexasRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Texas Hills VineyardToro de TejasTexasRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Texas Hills VineyardKick Butt CabTexasRed Table Wine2010Bronze
Texas LegatoMalbecTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Texas LegatoTempranilloTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Texas LegatoFamily ReunionTexasRed Table Wine2011Bronze
Wedding Oak WineryTiojaTexasRed Table Wine2012Bronze
Crump Valley VineyardsNeonTexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Bronze
Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & WinerySweet LenoirTexasRose' & Blush Wine2012Bronze
Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & WinerySusan's SecretTexasRose' & Blush Wine2012Bronze
Fiesta WinerySavannah RoseTexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Bronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsSweet BlushTexasRose' & Blush WineNVBronze
HaakThe Mellow Rose'TexasRose' & Blush Wine2012Bronze
Landon WineryDry Rose'TexasRose' & Blush Wine2012Bronze
Llano Estacado WineryCinsault Rose'TexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Bronze
Llano Estacado WineryGrenache Rose'TexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Bronze
Messina HofShiraz Rose' - Rose of SharonTexasRose' & Blush Wine2013Bronze
Angelita WineryBlanc du Bois ReserveTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Arche'RoussanneTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Becker VineyardsFleur SauvageTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
BramanMuscat BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
BramanBlanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Brennan VineyardsLilyTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Compass Rose CellarsChenin BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & WineryBlanc du Bois DryTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Enoch's Stomp Vineyard & WineryBlanc du Bois Off DryTexasWhite Table Wine2011Bronze
Fiesta WineryChenin BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Georgetown Winery & VineyardsViognierTexasWhite Table WineNVBronze
Hye MeadowViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Landon WineryYellow Rose Sweet WhiteTexasWhite Table WineNVBronze
Landon WineryChardonnayTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Llano Estacado WineryDry GewurztraminerTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsBlanco GrandeTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsMoscatoTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Los Pinos Ranch VineyardsBlanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Lost Oak WineryRieslingTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Lost Oak WineryMoscato Off DryTexasWhite Table Wine2011Bronze
Lost Oak WineryGirls Are MeanerTexasWhite Table WineNVBronze
Messina HofTrebbiano Private ReserveTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Peach Creek VineyardsAlohaTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Peach Creek VineyardsOasisTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Pedernales CellarsCincoTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Pelle Legna VineyardsAllegroTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Pemberton CellarsViognierTexasWhite Table WineNVBronze
Perissos VineyardsSweet LucyTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Singing Water VineyardsSunriseTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Spicewood VineyardsSauvignon BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Texas Hills VineyardChenin BlancTexasWhite Table Wine2012Bronze
Texas Southwind Vineyard & WineryBlanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Whistling Duck Vineyards & WineryBlanc du BoisTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Whistling Duck Vineyards & WineryBlanc du Bois Semi-SweetTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze
Whistling Duck Vineyards & WineryViognierTexasWhite Table Wine2013Bronze


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