2014 Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl

Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl

Downtown Tyler held their first Wine Swirl on June 28th in the evening. 18 Texas wineries and 16 restaurants/food vendors participated in the sold out event. The swirl was held around the Downtown Tyler two block square which made it easy to go from one location to the next. There were a total of 14 locations with some larger locations doubling up wineries and food offerings. In addition to the wine and food, art booths and live music added to the evening’s fun.

Upon arriving at the Wine Swirl, we made the comment that it appeared someone had done their homework because the event was well organized. We were given a wine glass, plate, wristband, and a bonus of a wine charm. In addition, a map identified where all the locations were and who was at each location. Even though we looked at the map to see who was next, most people probably did not need to because each location was very clearly marked with a big numbered sign outside on the sidewalk.

Marnelle Durrett and Terry

Marnelle Durrett and Terry from Kiepersol Estates

The only item which someone commented on cannot really be avoided in a swirl type event where you start in one location and walk around in a large area, in this case a two block square. Once you pick up your wine glass and items, the natural tendency for people is to start at the number one location and continue in numerical order. Some people realize to start backward at the last number to avoid any lines. But in both cases, the locations on the far side of the swirl do not see anybody until later in the evening until one of the groups makes it to that side. One committee member we talked to said he was suggesting to people to go diagonally first to avoid that situation.

Courtney Lowery helping Dawn Leatherwood of Pelle Legna

Courtney Lowery helping Dawn Leatherwood of Pelle Legna

The wineries who participated in the Downtown Tyler Wine Swirl were:

  • Austin Winery
  • Briar Creek Vineyards
  • Caney Creek Winery
  • Crump Valley Vineyards
  • Dionisio Winery
  • Enoch’s Stomp
  • Flat Creek Estates
  • Kiepersol Estates
  • Los Pinos Ranch Vineyards
  • Pelle Legna Vineyards
  • Perrine Winery
  • Red Road Vineyard & Winery
  • Texas Legato
  • Texas SouthWind Vineyard & Winery
  • Texas Vineyard & Smokehaus
  • The Vineyard at Florence
  • Wedding Oak Winery
  • Weinhof Winery

Restaurants and food vendors were:

  • Bernard Mediterranean
  • Bistrolls
  • Chris and Sam’s
  • Cork
  • Currents
  • Dakota’s
  • Fatt Apple
  • Jakes Tyler
  • Janie’s Cakes
  • Juls
  • Lago Del Pino
  • Rick’s on the Square
  • SportsZone
  • Sweet Gourmet
  • The Blue Store
  • Villa Montez

The evening went by quickly and with the lines being fairly short at each winery and food booth, it appeared everyone had a great time.

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