Fat Ass Ranch & Winery

Fat Ass Ranch & Winery is located in Fredericksburg and is owned by Gail and Jennie McCulloch. The winery opened on May 17th and is located on Highway 290, so it is very easy to find.

Fat Ass Ranch & Winery flew under the radar as to a new winery opening in Fredericksburg until I was asked by a friend about a week before them opening if I knew who they were. It was a little confusing as they said it looked like it might be a distillery since an old moonshine still was in front the winery. Information was soon obtained and we planned on visiting the winery during our Memorial Day weekend trip with friends to Fredericksburg.

Since the winery was new and there had not been much information about them, not even a website or Facebook page, I was expecting to find a winery in progress. I was pleasantly surprised to find a polished winery which was ready for business and ready to welcome customers.

Fat Ass Winery - outside

When you first arrive at the winery, you pick up immediately on the theme of the winery which is you are in Texas. The outside has a large seating area complete with the back of a bus with cushions, a contraption which looks like the moonshine still mentioned but has the end result of wine, tractor, men’s and women’s restrooms built from silos, and more. The outside décor continued inside the winery and you could tell the person responsible for it had a lot of fun with the theme and was very imaginative. We learned the person was co-owner Jennie McCulloch who is the owner of the store “Shoulda Been a Cowboy” located on Main Street in Fredericksburg. She made most of the themed items along with the help of friends.

Fat Ass Winery - outside decor

Angie greeted us and led us through our tasting. There is a tasting fee for four wines and you stand at the large tasting bar to do a tasting. The wines are poured using a measured pourer and the tasting fee includes keeping your tasting glass.

Fat Ass - inside

These are the wines which are currently available:

  • Dry White (Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay)
  • Dry Red (Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc)
  • Sweet White (Sauvignon Blanc, Viognier, Chardonnay with a little sugar added)
  • Sweet Red (Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Franc)

As you can tell, the dry and sweet wines are the same blends made in two different styles. All wines use 100% Texas grapes as they are made by Texas Custom Wine Works, and of course are very good. Soon to be offered are a Peach wine and Watermelon wine. The winery also plans on making wines for different holidays throughout the year. All wines are currently priced the same.

Fat Ass Winery Wines

The winery already has a wine club and plans on offering live music with food trucks. The gift shop is very large at the winery and we were told Jennie’s store in town has similar gifts. What I found surprising were the number of items already available with the Fat Ass Ranch & Winery logo and name on them. You could tell detailed planning had already gone into the winery.

Fat Ass Gift shop

Angie told us a vineyard will be planted on the side of the winery. That should look great along with the outdoor area already present.

Naming your winery Fat Ass Ranch & Winery shows they are planning on having fun at the winery and it will be interesting to watch their progression in the upcoming years.


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  1. says

    Enjoying your posts! Seems like a new wine tasting room is open on US290 almost every time we go up (at least quarterly for wine club pickups) and I have to start wondering what the saturation point is.

    • says

      They definitely are going up fast and you may have a valid point. But right now it’s “you build it, they will come.”

  2. Edith Hirth says

    Loved finding the Fat Ass Ranch & Winery, loved this place, such a wonderful display of old and new, relaxing while sampling wines and delicious wines at that. I recommend to everyone!

    • says

      The winery is between Hye and Fredericksburg. You should be able to use the map on the web page to determine how far they are from Austin.

  3. Kim Walker says

    I got to sample first hand their Peach and Watermelon wines on Easter and they are wonderful! I will be recommending them to all my Texas wine loving friends.

  4. Nancy says

    Love Fat Ass wines. Particularly the Sweet Red & Peach. Owners have done a great job of creating a fun atmosphere. Made two visits so far & the third is already in the planning stages. Fat Ass Winery is a must every trip to Fredericksburg!


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