Majek Vineyard & Winery

Majek Vineyard & Winery is located in Moravia and is owned by Lynne and Randy Majek. The grand opening of the winery was on March 15, 2014.

Lynne Majek handles a lot of the winery work including the vineyard, but recently Anthony, who we also met, has started taking over the vineyard manager role. Randy Majek fills in every gap where needed and actually greeted us at the front porch. He told us the winery is located on a farm which used to belong to his great grandfather.

After you drive up the twisty dirt road, you arrive at the parking lot which sits on the top of a small hill overlooking the winery and to the side is the vineyard. The vineyard currently is growing 1.5 acres of Blanc du Bois and Black Spanish.

Majek Vineyard - outside

Before we made the trek down the hill to the winery, a large ATV was available to shuttle us down to the winery. That was pretty cool and makes you feel special, and even better when you are done drinking wine to bring you back up the small hill.

There are picnic tables outside the winery for you to relax with a glass of wine on a nice day and also tables inside the winery if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Majek Vineyard - inside

Tastings are done while standing at the tasting bar or sitting at a table. The tastings are poured from the uncorked bottles and Majek Vineyard & Winery uses unusual tasting glasses which are similar to a large shot glass. Swirling your wine is a little different than a regular wine glass but it works.

Majek Vineyard - tasting glasses

There is a tasting fee for four wines and you can pay a higher price to include the tasting glass. Oyster crackers are available to cleanse your palate. You can buy food such as a cheese plate and cheese and sausage plate. Non-alcoholic drinks are also available.

Randy Majek handled our tasting and told us all of Majek’s wines are currently 100% Texas made with the cooperation of Texas Custom Wine Works (TCWW) so they are getting experts in the field of winemaking to help out initially. Randy explained how they get the grapes up to Brownfield where TCWW is located and then they start their work.

The wines available for tasting when we were there were:

  • Orange Muscat (sweet)
  • Blanc du Bois (sweet)
  • Tempranillo (sweet)
  • Black Spanish Port – grapes from Grohmann Farms at the Weimary
  • Blanc du Bois (dry)
  • Cardinal’s Perch (dry) (40% Merlot, 40% Tempranillo, 20% Black Spanish (Grohmann Farms at the Weimary))
  • Tempranillo (dry)
  • Black Spanish (Lenoir ) (dry) – Grohmann Farms at the Weimary

Majek Vineyard - art

One thing Majek Vineyard & Winery does is feature local artists with their artwork every quarter of the year in the tasting room. Currently they are featuring Paula Patterson-Walker. The gift shop has wine accessories, clothing, and antique gifts.

Majek Vineyard & Winery is part of the Texas Independence Wine Trail. The next wine trail event will be the first Saturday in May and there will be music held at the winery. In addition, they plan on having music every month.

Majek Vineyard - Randy and Lynne Majek

Randy and Lynne Majek

When you are in the Weimar area, make a trip slightly south of I-10 and visit Majek Vineyard & Winery.


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