2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – Texas Winners

San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition

The 2014 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition results are in on their website and Texas was very well represented. A total of 5,825 entries from 1,500 wineries from over 25 states in America participated. 20 Texas wineries won a total of 87 medals.

Perissos Vineyards won a Best of Class for their 2012 Aglianico estate grown wine. Grape Creek Vineyards won a Double Gold for their 2012 Rendezvous.

The Texas medal count was:

  • Best of Class – 1
  • Double Gold – 1
  • Gold – 8
  • Silver – 47
  • Bronze – 30

Here is the list of Texas wineries along with their medals.

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Becker Vineyards300 - Dry Rose - RS<12013Texas High PlainsProvencal$16.95Silver
Becker Vineyards451 - Cabernet Sauvignon - $15.00 to $19.992012TexasReserve Cabernet Sauvignon$19.95Silver
Becker Vineyards240 - Viognier - Up to $19.992012TexasViognier$14.95Silver
Becker Vineyards497 B - All Red Blends - $15.00 - $24.992012TexasReserveCabernet-Syrah$19.95Silver
Becker Vineyards473 - Bordeaux Blends - $40.00 to $49.992012Texas Hill CountryRaven$40.00Bronze
Becker Vineyards442 - Merlot- $15.00 to $19.992012TexasReserveReserve Merlot$15.95Bronze
Becker Vineyards804 - Port2012TexasVintage Port$19.95Bronze
Becker Vineyards456 A - Cabernet Sauvignon - $40.00 to $49.992011Texas High PlainsReserve Canada FamilyReserve Cabernet Sauvignon$40.00Bronze
Brennan Vineyards453 B - Cabernet Sauvignon - $25.00 to $29.992010TexasReserve Newburg VineyardCabernet Sauvignon$29.50Gold
Brennan Vineyards490 - Tempranillo2011TexasTempranillo$26.00Gold
Brennan Vineyards281 A - White Blends $15.00 & Over2012TexasLily$17.50Silver
Brennan Vineyards240 - Viognier - Up to $19.992012TexasViognier$17.50Silver
Brennan Vineyards240 - Viognier - Up to $19.992011TexasViognier$17.50Bronze
Brennan Vineyards495 - All Other Red Varietals2011TexasDark Horse$23.00Bronze
Brushy Creek Vineyards800 - White Dessert - RS>4.02012TexasKlassen VineyardsOrange Moscato$42.49Gold
Brushy Creek Vineyards418 - Sangiovese2012TexasReddy VineyardsSangiovese$21.99Silver
Brushy Creek Vineyards490 - Tempranillo2012TexasBrushy Creek VineyardTempranillo$29.99Bronze
Driftwood Estate Winery471 - Bordeaux Blends - $20.00 to $29.99NVAmericaAlamo Red$20.00Gold
Driftwood Estate Winery418 - Sangiovese2011TexasSangiovese$25.00Silver
Driftwood Estate Winery240 - Viognier - Up to $19.992013AmericaViognier$18.00Silver
Driftwood Estate Winery498 - All Red Blends - $25.00 - $34.992011TexasLonghorn Red$30.00Silver
Fall Creek Vineyards490 - Tempranillo2011Texas Hill CountryTempranillo$30.00Silver
Fall Creek Vineyards456 B - Cabernet Sauvignon - $40.00 to $49.992010Texas Hill CountryMeritusCabernet Sauvignon$40.00Bronze
Flat Creek Estate436 A - Petite Sirah - $20.00 & Over2010AmericaPetite Sirah$34.95Silver
Flat Creek Estate490 - Tempranillo2010AmericaTempranillo$24.95Silver
Flat Creek Estate454 - Cabernet Sauvignon - $30.00 to $34.992010Texas High PlainsNewsom VineyardsCabernet Sauvignon$34.95Silver
Flat Creek Estate433 - Syrah/Shiraz - $30.00 to $39.992010Texas Hill CountryEstateSyrah$34.95Silver
Grape Creek Vineyards439 - Rhone Blends2012TexasRendezvous$21.95Double Gold
Grape Creek Vineyards240 - Viognier - Up to $19.992012TexasViognier$18.95Gold
Grape Creek Vineyards281 B -White Blends $15.00 & Over2012TexasCuvée Blanc$18.95Silver
Grape Creek Vineyards436 A - Petite Sirah - $20.00 & Over2011TexasPetite Sirah$32.95Silver
Grape Creek Vineyards498 - All Red Blends - $25.00 - $34.992011AmericaCab/Syrah$32.95Silver
Grape Creek Vineyards425 - Italian Blends - $25.00 & Over2011TexasBellissimo$35.95Silver
Grape Creek Vineyards443 - Merlot- $20.00 to $24.992011TexasMerlot$21.95Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyards801 - Red Dessert - RS>4.02012TexasGrand Rouge$16.95Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyards243 - Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio - $15.00 & Over2012TexasPinot Grigio$18.95Bronze
Grape Creek Vineyards310 - Rose/Blush2012AmericaCabernet Blanc$16.95Bronze
Kerrville Hills Winery445 - Merlot - $30.00 to $39.992010High ValleyLake CountyJust Hangin'$32.00Silver
Lost Oak Winery241 - Viognier - $20.00 & Over2012TexasViognier$20.95Silver
Lost Oak Winery250 - Blanc du Bois2012TexasBlanc du Bois$16.95Silver
Lost Oak Winery497 A - All Red Blends - $15.00 - $24.992012Texas High PlainsBingham Family VineyardTexas Trio$24.95Silver
Lost Oak Winery281 A - White Blends $15.00 & Over2012TexasTres Uvas$18.95Silver
Lost Oak Winery443 - Merlot- $20.00 to $24.992012Texas High PlainsBingham Family VineyardMerlot$22.95Silver
Lost Oak Winery433 - Syrah/Shiraz - $30.00 to $39.992011TexasPost Oak VineyardSheriff$34.95Bronze
Lost Oak Winery230 - Riesling - RS<1.492012Texas High PlainsDiamante Doble VnydRiesling$16.95Bronze
Lost Oak Winery490 - TempranilloNVTexas High PlainsBingham Family VineyardTempranillo$25.95Bronze
Messina Hof Winery & Resort472 - Bordeaux Blends - $30.00 to $39.992011TexasPrivate ReserveBordeaux Blend$39.99Gold
Messina Hof Winery & Resort465 A - Cabernet Franc2012TexasPrivate ReserveCabernet Franc$14.99Silver
Messina Hof Winery & Resort441 - Merlot- $10.00 to $ 14.992011TexasPrivate ReserveMerlot$14.99Silver
Messina Hof Winery & Resort480 - Red Native AmericanNVTexasEbony Port of Call$14.99Silver
Messina Hof Winery & Resort450 A - Cabernet Sauvignon - up to $14.992011TexasPrivate ReserveCabernet Sauvignon$14.99Silver
Messina Hof Winery & Resort804 - Port2007TexasPapa Paulo Port$25.00Bronze
Messina Hof Winery & Resort801 - Red Dessert - RS>4.0NVTexasSolera Cream Sherry$25.00Bronze
Perissos Vineyards422 - Aglianico2012Texas Hill CountryEstate GrownAglianico$45.00Best of Class
Perissos Vineyards434 - Syrah/Shiraz - $40.00 & Over2011Texas Hill CountryEstate GrownSyrah$50.00Silver
Perissos Vineyards499 B - All Red Blends - Over $35.002012Texas Hill CountryEstate GrownRackers Blend$45.00Bronze
Perissos Vineyards467 - Malbec2012Texas Hill CountryEstate GrownMalbec$45.00Bronze
Perissos Vineyards436 A - Petite Sirah - $20.00 & Over2011Texas Hill CountryEstate GrownPetite Sirah$54.00Bronze
Pontotoc Vineyard498 - All Red Blends - $25.00 - $34.992012Texas Hill CountrySan Fernando Academy$25.00Silver
Red Caboose804 - PortNVTexasRed CabooseSome of that Red$36.00Silver
Red Caboose481 - Red Native American - Blend2010TexasRed CabooseLenoir/Tempranillo$29.00Silver
Singing Water Vineyards472 - Bordeaux Blends - $30.00 to $39.992011TexasVintner's Reserve$32.95Gold
Singing Water Vineyards439 - Rhone Blends2011Texas/CaliforniaFreedom$27.95Silver
Singing Water Vineyards442 - Merlot- $15.00 to $19.992012Merlot$19.95Silver
Singing Water Vineyards281 B -White Blends $15.00 & Over2012TexasHill CountrySunbelt$17.95Bronze
Singing Water Vineyards497 B - All Red Blends - $15.00 - $24.992012Texas/CaliforniaSweet Lupe$18.95Bronze
Sister Creek Vineyards244 - Muscat2013ReserveMuscat Canelli$15.00Silver
Sister Creek Vineyards400 B - Pinot Noir - up to $19.992011Umpqua ValleyPinot Noir$16.00Silver
Sister Creek Vineyards472 - Bordeaux Blends - $30.00 to $39.992011TexasBordeaux Blend$39.00Bronze
Solaro Estate Winery419 - Barbera2011Texas Hill CountryEstateBarbera$115.00Silver
Solaro Estate Winery423 - Montepulciano2011Texas Hill CountryMontepulciano$68.00Bronze
Solaro Estate Winery490 - Tempranillo2012Texas High PlainsTempranillo$38.00Bronze
Spicewood Vineyards300 - Dry Rose - RS<12012Texas High PlainsTempranillo$20.99Gold
Spicewood Vineyards431 - Syrah/Shiraz - $20.00 to $24.992012Columbia ValleySyrah$22.99Silver
Spicewood Vineyards490 - Tempranillo2012Texas Hill CountryEstateTempranillo$29.99Silver
Spicewood Vineyards201 B - Sauvignon Blanc or Fume - $14.00 to $19.992012Texas Hill CountryEstateSauvignon Blanc$16.99Bronze
Stone House Vineyard445 - Merlot - $30.00 to $39.992010Napa ValleyMerlot$35.00Silver
Stone House Vineyard480 - Red Native American2012Texas Hill CountryClaros. Norton$28.00Silver
Stone House Vineyard456 A - Cabernet Sauvignon - $40.00 to $49.992010Napa ValleyCabernet Sauvignon$45.00Bronze
Wedding Oak Winery281 A - White Blends $15.00 & Over2012Texas High PlainsBridal Veil$22.00Silver
Wedding Oak Winery497 A - All Red Blends - $15.00 - $24.992012Texas High PlainsRegency Bridge$21.00Silver
Wedding Oak Winery281 B -White Blends $15.00 & Over2012Texas Hill CountryHigh Valley VineyardsTerre Blanc$22.00Bronze
Wedding Oak Winery310 - Rose/Blush2012Texas High PlainsBridal Blush$18.00Bronze
William Chris Vineyards437 - Mourvedre2012Texas High PlainsLost Draw VineyardsMourvedre$30.00Silver
William Chris Vineyards499 B - All Red Blends - Over $35.002012Texas High PlainsHunter Vnyd/Lost Draw VnydHunter$38.00Silver
William Chris Vineyards281 A - White Blends $15.00 & Over2012Texas High PlainsLost Draw /Lepard VineyardsMary Ruth$20.00Silver
William Chris Vineyards499 B - All Red Blends - Over $35.002012Texas Hill CountryGranite Hill VineyardsEnchanté$42.00Bronze


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  1. says

    Thanks for pulling this list together, Jeff. Lots of great #TxWine on this list. And lots of great #Txwine NOT on the list too! I see many familiar names, and plenty of wines here I have never tried. You’ve certainly visited all these wineries, right? Any surprises from the selections? Of course we don’t know which wines were submitted and not recognized, but anyone wanting to get a jump on the current state of Texas Wine should start with this list! And actually it looks like a very current list too, all of those William Chris Vineyards wines, and I think all the Grape Creek Vineyards winners are available now.

    • says

      Thanks Miguel. I have visited all the wineries but I would think most of these wines are current wines, so I may not have had the chance to try them. And of course with other wineries we don’t see listed, they may not have even entered the wine competition.

  2. says

    I have been to Texas several times last year and have visited many of the wineries there. I have tasted all but a few wines from this list and in all honesty, these wines have earned their awards. Regardless of the harsh and hostile conditions the regions are subject to,Texas wines have come a long way and are constantly developing in quality. Yes the Texas wine scene is still in its developing stages, nonetheless, these wines have a promising future. FANTASTIC JOB! GO TEXAS!!!


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