The Boerne Wine Company

The Boerne Wine Company is located in Boerne and they opened on April 1, 2010. This is a business where the owner prefers to remain anonymous.

I received an email from Tom Geoghegan last year inviting me to visit The Boerne Wine Company when I was in the area. I had previously looked at their website while making sure my list of Texas wineries was up-to-date, but they seemed like a wine bar instead of a winery. Tom confirmed they indeed do have their own Texas wine. When I was in the area recently I remembered them and made a point to visit.

Boerne Wine Company - outside

While I was taking photos after entering The Boerne Wine Company, I was greeted by Tom Geoghegan. He showed me the humidor at the front of the building which would surely please all the cigar lovers out there. In addition near the front is an enclosed room housing fine wines from around the world.

Boerne Wine Company - wine room

Tom then showed me the rest of the winery (they don’t like the name wine bar). The building was originally built in 1866 as a one room limestone homestead by a German cabinet maker. There is even a root cellar underneath the 2,000 square foot building. The building has been remodeled a number of times including the very impressive recent remodeling for The Boerne Wine Company complete with a barreled ceiling tasting room, back patio, and front porch.

Boerne Wine Company - inside

Around various tasting bars in the building are Enomatic wine preservation systems. If you haven’t had the opportunity to use one of these wine dispensers, I think they are really nice besides being advantageous for the business. You are given what looks like a credit card and have the choice to select from a number of wines including the amount you want dispensed. I think it is a great way to be able to taste different wines.

Boerne Wine Company - Enomatic machine

The bottles available for tasting used both corks and screw caps, and the tasting fee varies per wine. We reached an Enomatic dispenser that had Texas wine, including some from other Texas wineries. But the first bottle that caught my attention was one of The Boerne Wine Company’s own Texas labels of Tribute 1866 wines. When The Boerne Wine Company started, they knew they needed to offer some great Texas wines so they worked with McPherson Cellars to produce their Tribute 1866 wines. They ended up initially with red and white wine blends. Upon tasting some, there is no doubt they selected a great winery to work with.

Boerne Wine Company - Tribute 1866

There are numerous places to enjoy a glass of wine in the building. Besides inside, there is a beautiful patio outside where a wood-burning fire can be lit during those cold winter days to warm up while enjoying a great glass of wine. Wi-Fi is provided for those who feel the need to be connected to the outside world. Meat and cheese trays are offered while enjoying the wine. The winery can be rented for parties and a nice gift shop is available offering many different kinds of wine accessories.

As I told Tom Geoghegan when I was saying goodbye, I really wish there was a place like The Boerne Wine Company near where we live.


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    I’m glad your visit was a success. I love the idea of the place, and it isn’t far, but my experience was pretty terrible. I couldn’t get help to get a card. I also couldn’t get any help to get started. The staff seemed more interested in socializing with their regulars. I want to go back and give them another try. from what you learned, do you have any advice for that?

    • says

      That is pretty strange since one would need to know what to do. Well you have one name now, Tom, who works there. I’m sure if you gave them a call ahead of time to make sure he was there, he would gladly take care of you.

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