2013 Austin County Fair Wine Competition Results

Austin County Fair

As previously reported here, the Austin County Fair had their Non-Commercial Wine competition at the Austin County Fairgrounds on Saturday, October 12, 2013. I was asked to be a judge for the competition which I promptly accepted since it was my first wine judging experience.  These are the results of the Austin County Fair wine competition.

Classifications for the competition were:

  • Red Wine – Dry
  • Red Wine – Sweet
  • White Wine – Dry
  • White Wine – Sweet
  • Fruit/Berry
  • Dessert/Port Style
  • Kit Wine/Non TX Grapes – Dry
  • Kit Wine/Non TX Grapes – Sweet
  • Native/Mustang Grape
  • Blush

There were not too many kit wines entered in the competition which showed local non-commercial winemakers were definitely making great strides to producing good wine. I did the judging sitting next to Stephen Morgan, owner/winemaker of Saddlehorn Winery, and when done judging he said he was impressed how well the wines had been.

2013 Austin Competition - Best of Show

Runner Up Best of Show Michael Goode, Best of Show Martha Tarkington


2013 Austin Competition - Best Austin County

Best Austin County Produced Wine: Billy Schaffner (Representing Billy was his daughter Laurie Michalke, Granddaughter in Law Lauren Michalke, great grandson Sterling Michalke and granddaughter Michaela Fleming)

Full results are below:

2013 Austin County Wine Show – Results
Red Wine – Dry
Gold Scott Greene
Silver Michael Goode and Ken Wuensche
Bronze David Todd
Red Wine – Sweet
Gold David Eskins
Silver Martha Tarkington
Bronze Garry Kroeger
White Wine – Dry
Gold Michael Goode
Silver Jerry Watson
Bronze Robert Hensz
White Wine – Sweet
Gold Martha Tarkington
Silver David Todd
Gold Michael Goode
Silver David Eskins
Bronze Wayne Richard
Dessert / Port Style
Gold Scott Greene
Silver Danny Koester
Bronze Jerry Watson
Kit Wine – Non TX Grapes – Dry Red
Gold Richard Clayton
Kit Wine – Non TX Grapes – Dry – White
Gold Garry Kroeger
  Kit Wine – Non TX Grapes – Sweet
Gold Richard Clayton
Native Grape / Mustang
Gold Billy Schaffner
Silver Danny Koester
Bronze Brad Klausmeyer
Gold Martha Tarkington
Silver Michael Goode
Bronze Ken Wuensche
Grand Champion Martha Tarkington
Reserve Grand Champion Michael Goode
Austin County Overall
Grand Champion Billy Schaffner




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