Nomacorc Launches Next Generation NomaSense Oxygen Analyzer for Wine Industry

Nomacorc - NomaSenseScreenJuly 1, 2013 – Nomacorc, the world’s largest producer of alternative wine closures and leader in oxygen management technology, announced today the launch of its breakthrough next generation NomaSense™ oxygen analyzer system. The new NomaSense offering is the first portable Total Package Oxygen (TPO) meter designed specifically for the wine industry and allows users to measure and control the total amount of oxygen in wine, particularly during bottling.

“Nomacorc continues to serve as an important partner to wineries and academic institutions across the globe,” said Malcolm Thompson, vice president of innovation and strategy at Nomacorc. “By developing a sophisticated, easy-to-use analyzer, we hope to provide more winemakers with the proper tools to manage oxygen pick-up at bottling and deliver wines just as they intend.”

In this latest NomaSense innovation, wineries can measure both head space and dissolved oxygen using an integrated conversion calculator to determine the TPO. The NomaSense O2 P300 has a limit of detection of 15 parts per billion (ppb) and is intended for use throughout the winemaking process – most importantly at the bottling line – to improve quality control. The more sensitive NomaSense O2 P6000 has a lower detection limit of 1 part per billion and can also serve as a quality control tool, but is more specifically for laboratory use and scientific study.

“The ability to measure and manage oxygen is critical to ensuring wine quality and extending the shelf-life potential of wines,” said Dr. Stéphane Vidal, global director of enology at Nomacorc. “The substantive enhancements to the NomaSense product line allow wineries to improve wine quality and help achieve bottle-to-bottle consistency.”

Improvements to the device were based on feedback from initial users, making the device well-adapted to winery environments. Other features and benefits include an improved user-friendly software interface with easier navigation, as well as enhanced data and file management systems for better traceability. The new devices also make sample identification easier via a QR code reader. Last but not least, the high-tech portable device has a sleek appearance and is significantly smaller in size compared to the original NomaSense analyzer – all while being more affordable.

Compatible with existing accessories and consumables, the NomaSense O2 P6000 and NomaSense O2 P300 is commercially available in July 2013.

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