Rising Star Vineyards – Salado

The Tasting Room and Winery are Now Closed (10/24/14)


Rising Star Vineyards has two locations. The main location and winery is in Rising Star and a tasting room is in Salado. The winery is owned by Michael and Vicki Oubre and Michael is the winemaker.

Rising Star Salado - outside

The Rising Star winery opened in 2006. The tasting room in Salado opened in May 2011 which makes the Rising Star wines more accessible since it is located along I-35. When we first visited the Salado location, Vicki Oubre was operating the tasting room. This post is about our visit at that time so things may have changed. We tried visiting recently for an updated view but the tasting room did not open on time and we had to leave after waiting for 30 minutes.

Rising Star Salado - inside

Tastings are done while sitting at the tasting bar. The tastings are poured from the uncorked bottles. There was no tasting fee at the time and we were able to taste all their wines. Food is available to cleanse your palate between tastings.

All the grapes used in Rising Star’s wines are from Texas. The Rising Star Vineyards label is 100% estate wines while their Dodd’s Creek Wines label is for grapes not from their vineyard.

Rising Star Salado - gift shop

There is a small gift shop in the tasting room.

Since our initial visit, a cheese deli and bistro is now available. Cheeses come from Texas such as Veldhuizen, Brazos Valley, Latte Da Dairy, and Watonga. Soups, salads, sandwiches, and pasta dishes are available to eat and you can eat in the cheesery, garden area, or tasting room.

Rising Star Salado - Cheesery

The Salado location is on the San Gabriel Wine Trail.


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  1. Chris says

    While I appreciate your posts about the different wineries, I’d like them more if you could talk a bit more about,well, the wines. Perhaps just a mention of what types they offer would be helpful.

    I realize you were not able to do an actual tasting this time for this winery. Perhaps it might be useful to wait to post until such time as you have some additional information?

    Just a suggestion. I value your posts and look forward to more of them, but I also know I’d like to know more about these wineries…


    • says

      Chris, thanks for the suggestions and I can start to list the major wines offered. Some wineries have a long list and I’m not sure if I could really list all available. For example, for an upcoming Brushy Creek post, they offer a LOT of wines and if I listed all, that would fill the whole page.

      I debated about whether to post about this tasting room now. But after going out of our way twice to the location and still needing to visit the winery itself, I decided I had enough information to inform people what was offered at the secondary tasting room. We have over 10 wineries we need to return to which we visited before the blog started and with the size of Texas, going back a third time to some might mean it may never happen. The other thing which has happened more than once is while waiting for a second return to a winery, they unfortunately closed.

      Thanks again for the suggestions as I definitely want to provide information people want to know!

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