Heading to Mendoza!

There will be a short hiatus of blog posts while we take a vacation to Mendoza, Argentina. It’s time to explore far outside of Texas and enjoy some Argentine wine. Gloria and I both love Malbec wine and Mendoza is arguably the best place which grows and makes Malbec.


We are wine club members at The NICE Winery located in Houston, Texas. Winemakers Ryan Levy and Ian Eastveld do not ship in juice or must to make their wine in Houston. They go to the actual regions like Mendoza and California, make their wine there in person, and ship the finished products back. Since Argentina is located in South America, they have opposite seasons then we do in the United States, so right now it is nearing the end of summer and what does that mean in the U.S.? Harvest time!

Ryan and Ian decided to invite wine club members to join them in Mendoza to help harvest, blend their wines, and tour the region. We have wanted to visit and what better opportunity than with two winemakers who know the region and also help take part in making their wine. They have three full days planned for us and we can’t wait.

NICE Malbecs

NICE Malbecs: 2007, 2008, 2009 Reserve

We’ll be sure to take plenty of photos and write about our travels when we get back. Until then, enjoy some Texas wine and don’t forget to participate in #TXwine Twitter Tuesday on March 12th!


Update: Be sure to check out Day 1 of our visit to Mendoza in addition to the other days!


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