Fiesta Winery – Fredericksburg

Fiesta Winery in Bend opened a tasting room on the main street of Fredericksburg in September 2012. Before leaving Fredericksburg one weekend, I stopped in to visit the tasting room.

Fiesta Fredericksburg outside

Surprisingly co-owner Sally Baxter was behind the tasting bar. I was not expecting to see Sally there since she is usually at the winery and she said she just happened to be there. David and Cynthia Ritchie moved to Fredericksburg and are the General Managers of the tasting room.

Fiesta Fredericksburg inside

It had been a few months since we had visited Fiesta Winery but Sally somehow remembered what we had tasted while there and told me what was new since our visit. One new wine was Happy Trails which is a Chardonnay with hints of peach. It is made from non-Texas grapes and had that unoaked Chardonnay taste with the peaches which enhanced the flavor. A bottle came home with me.

There is a tasting fee for five tastings which includes a complimentary wine glass. If you purchase three bottles, your tasting is free. I enjoyed tasting the new wines in the new setting.

Fiesta Fredericksburg bar

There is a nice gift shop in the tasting room with clothing, crackers, wine accessories, and other food items. The location of the tasting room is near some of our favorite stores in Fredericksburg so we will enjoy stopping by whenever we are in town.


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