Texas Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolutions


Everybody makes New Year’s Resolutions so I thought I would come up with mine, the Texas Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolutions for 2013.

  1. Undoubtedly the most common resolution is to lose weight so I’ll make that my first resolution. I need to lose a little weight and get back in shape. It’s funny I mentioned starting to exercise and diet a couple months ago on Facebook and said that I needed to cut out either wine or food. The unanimous comment was cut out food! I agree, especially with this blog, so I will cut out some food and I’ll make it happen.
  2. Go to 30+ wineries so we hit the 200 mark of wineries visited. One of the largest concentration of wineries in the state we haven’t visited yet is northwest of Fort Worth so we need to ensure we visit those.
  3. Revisit our favorite wineries throughout the state.
  4. Learn more about wine by taking wine classes and entertain the thought of taking the Certified Specialist of Wine (CSW) exam. I have wine friends who have taken the CSW and they used study partners so I may need to talk someone into doing it together with me.
  5. Part of the wine education is attending TWGGA (Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association) events, TEXSOM (Texas Sommelier Conference), and Drink Local Wine conference.
  6. Visit the Mendoza wine region in Argentina. This will give a better understanding of wines in general.
  7. Continue to help Texas wineries at wine festivals.
  8. We have helped wineries bottle wine and harvest, but we have not had the opportunity at the start of the growing process which is either planting vines or pruning, so try to do that.
  9. Redesign the blog website and try to improve interaction on the blog. The Texas Wine Lover’s Facebook page helps other wine lovers interact with each other but not everyone is on Facebook.
  10. Increase blog readership.
  11. And the last but certainly one of the most important resolutions is to continue the support of the Texas Wine industry.



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