The Cellar Door

The Cellar Door is located in Katy and is owned by Ron and Don Ray Holsomback.

Cellar Door - outside

When we first visited The Cellar Door, we were immediately impressed with the winery as it has one of the most beautifully adorned tasting rooms we have seen. The furnishings and décor make it a place where you can feel comfortable relaxing. There are many high tables in the center of the room with booths also around the room. A lounge area with televisions is available for customers in addition to a banquet room which can be rented and can hold up to 60 people.

Cellar Door - inside

You can sit at the bar to do a tasting or at one of the many tables. There is a tasting fee for three wines and buying a bottle of wine will waive the tasting fee. You can buy food from The Cellar Door’s menu which includes tapas, meat and cheese trays, and more. You can also order from nearby restaurants which will deliver to the winery.

The wines offered are the winery’s own wines plus wines from other wineries. Grapes used are from vineyards in Texas, California, and other countries.

Cellar Door - owners

Ron and Don Ray Holsomback

Tours are possibly available and the last time we visited, we were able to see the back room which is the production facility. At that time they were bottling their port and helping bottle was their brother Andy who is the winemaker. The bottling process used corks for the bottles.

Cellar Door - winemaker

Andy Holsomback

Personal labels are available if you want to label your own bottle of wine. There is a wine club with two memberships available. Events are held at The Cellar Door such as open mic nights, live bands, and wine classes.

If you are in Katy, stop by and visit Katy’s first winery.


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