Kerrville Hills Winery

Kerrville Hills Winery is located in Kerrville and is owned by Wayne and Carol Milberger. Wayne is also the winemaker. The winery was bonded in 2008 but opened in August 2011. John Tait was hired in the summer of 2012 to be an assistant winemaker.

Kerrville Hills - outside

The winery is located on a little hill overlooking the surrounding area and the 30 acre ranch it is located on. Brenda Hardy, the tasting room manager, greeted us when we entered the winery and handled our tasting.

The winery makes six wines right now with the last three wines being released in September. Those three wines are Cabernet Sauvignons using California fruit. The first three wines Kerrville Hills Winery made was a 2009 Blanc du Bois using Texas grapes from Brenham and a 2006 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2007 Merlot wines using grapes from Lake County, California. The Cabernet and Merlot were aged in French oak and American oak barrels at the winery.

Kerrville Hills - inside

There is a tasting fee and you can sit or stand at the tasting bar to do your tasting. The tasting is free with a bottle purchase. The tastings are poured with a measured pourer from the uncorked bottles. Crackers are available to cleanse your palate.

Viewable from the tasting room is the production facility where visitors can view the tank room and winemaking activities. Tours are available and Brenda gave us a nice tour of the production facility, history of the location, and how the winery started. The production facility is very impressive and rivals those of other wineries of the same size if not larger.

Kerrville Hills - tanks

The tasting room is located on the concrete foundation of a house which was built in 1960 and lost to fire in 2004. The original double-sided brick chimney was kept which provides a nice dividing architecture to the tasting room. The chimney was too tall for the tasting room with the chimney cap so the chimney cap is used near the gift shop. The rest of the tasting room uses materials from the home and property.

Kerrville Hills - fireplace

A gift shop has candles, clothing, and other items for sale. The winery has a wine club called the Armadillo Wine Club.

Events have been held at the winery such as reunions, birthday parties, live music, and other events.

Kerrville Hills Winery is on the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail.


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    We took a wine tasting tour at your winery while driving thru the back roads back in 2012. I bought a bottle of Lost Maples 2012 Muscat Canelli and it was absolutely delicious. I would like to be able to order a case and see if it can be delivered or if you could tell me if an HEBin San Antonio might carry it. If not our anniversary is in November and it would certainly be worth the beautiful trip.

    • says

      Norma, I’m pretty sure you have the wrong winery with the wine. You should be able to find Lost Maples at HEB and if they do not have it in stock, they should be able to order it.

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