Fredericksburg Winery

Fredericksburg Winery is located right in downtown Fredericksburg on Main Street. The winery is owned and operated by the Switzer family. There are three brothers, their wives, and families and the winery opened in May 1996.

Fredericksburg - sign

I talked to Jene Switzer the last time I visited. He is the winemaster at the winery and he gave me a little history of the winery. The 10,600 square foot facility contains the production facility which is viewable in the tasting room. The fermentation, filling, corking, and labeling is all done right there. Customers can watch the winery process while visiting. No tours are given since customers can see them at work when working with any part of the winemaking process.

Fredericksburg - outside

Fredericksburg Winery only uses 100% Texas grapes. The number of cases produced varies by year and average 7,000-9,000 cases a year.

Fredericksburg - inside 1

Tastings are done standing at the long tasting bar. There is no tasting fee except for their reserve wines. The tastings are poured directly from the uncorked bottles. Wine crackers are available to cleanse your palate during the tasting.

Fredericksburg - inside 2

There is a nice gift shop with wine accessories, clothing, jams, salsas, and olive oils. They are working on having a wine club.

Fredericksburg Winery has convenient hours and the location in the middle of town makes it easy for you to visit the next time you are in Fredericksburg.

Fredericksburg - Cord

Cord Switzer

Fredericksburg Winery is on the Texas Hill Country Wine Trail and the Wine Road 290 Wine Trail.


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  1. Carol says

    Mike and I visited the Fredericksburg Winery for the first time almost 14 years ago when we first moved here. I thought their labels were quite creative. I was impressed with their labeling and wine making effort in their “Hail storm” wine. I liked the positivity. Oma, was sitting behind the counter slapping labels on the bottles by hand. I’m wondering if they still hand label?

    • says


      Thanks for talking about our “Antique Labeling Machine” – Oma.
      Oma crossed over in November of 2010 three months short of her 90th birthday. She had her picture taking more that all the rest of us at the winery. She was the label “put-ter on-her”(that is Texas language) for the first label of wine we every bottled in 1996 and stayed with it. She loved being at the winery and talking with our guest and many ask every week where she is. We had to purchase a labeling machine and of course it is called OMA.

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