DrinkLocalWine DLW 2012: Colorado

DrinkLocalWine.comI have certainly enjoyed tasting and drinking Texas wine, my local wine, no matter where it may be made within Texas. When I get a chance to visit other states, I try to find nearby wineries to visit and sample the local wine from that state. Now I am getting the chance to taste some Colorado local wine.

DrinkLocalWine.com was created by Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre and an annual conference was started in 2009 and held in Texas. Every year the conference is held in a different state and this year it is in Colorado on April 28th.

On April 4th local wine along with DLW 2012 was discussed in the weekly Twitter #winechat. Since the monthly #txwine Twitter chat was merged with #winechat in April, I was glad to participate for both reasons. There were quite a few people discussing the upcoming DLW 2012 which made me even more excited to attend the upcoming conference.

A full day of seminars and fun is planned for the conference on April 28 at Metro State College in Denver with seminars starting at 9am. They include:

  • Three Colorado and regional wine seminars featuring some of the top names in Colorado and national food and wine.
    • Colorado’s Terroir and the Challenges of High Altitude
    • Local Food, Local Wine, and Why They Don’t Like Each Other
    • Consumer Perception of Colorado and Regional Wine
  • The Colorado Blind Challenge where experts will try to tell the difference between Colorado and California wine in a blind tasting.
  • The Colorado Twitter Taste-off sponsored by Nomacorc where you can sip and tweet wine from two dozen of the state’s best producers.

If you can get the chance to attend, please sign up to join the fun and learn more about local wine at the conference. If you are unable to attend, you can follow along on Twitter with the hashtags #colwine and #drinklocal.

For more information and to sign up, please visit http://www.drinklocalwine.com


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