Farina’s Winery and Cafe

Update: Farina’s Winery and Cafe canceled their winery permit and are no longer considered a winery.


Farina’s Winery & Cafe is located in the heart of Grapevine on Main Street and is very easy to find among the other stores and restaurants. The winery opened in 2007 and is owned by Gary Farina.

Farina's - outsideI visited Grapevine on a Friday night and when I walked in, I discovered the winery is also a fairly large restaurant. There was a large crowd already seated eating dinner and the bar to the left was also full of patrons. When asked if I wanted a table, I explained I would just like to do a wine tasting. We were able to find a seat at the end of the bar for me to do my tasting.

Farina's - insideStephanie introduced herself and helped me with the tasting while she also helped the other bar patrons. There is a fee for tasting three wines: Farina’s red and white wines plus a choice of another Texas winery’s wine for a third. The tastings are poured from the uncorked bottles and a generous portion is given to taste.

Water is served during the tasting and with Farina’s Winery & Cafe being primarily a restaurant specializing in Italian food, you can buy food during the tasting.

Farina’s Winery makes two wines, a red and a white, and both use 100% Texas grapes from Lubbock. The wines are produced at CrossRoads Winery in Frisco.

The winery/restaurant is decorated with gorgeous antiques including a European bar from the 1800’s and a large glass grape cluster chandelier. Live music is held Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights and space is available for special events.

Farina’s Winery and Cafe is on the Grapevine Wine Trail. If you make it to Grapevine, which is the best place in Texas to visit multiple wineries within walking distance, stop in for a bite to eat and have some of Farina’s Texas wine.


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