Saddlehorn Winery

Saddlehorn Winery is located on a 360 acre ranch in Burton and is very easy to find as it is not far from Highway 290 between Houston and Austin. The winery was opened in 2010 by Steve and Galin Morgan. The vineyard was planted in 2006 and consists of two acres of Blanc du Bois and one acre of Black Spanish grapes to make their Texas wine.

Saddlehorn - bridgeAs you enter the driveway, you eventually cross a wood and metal framed bridge reminding you of days gone by. The winery and tasting room is just beyond in a renovated horse barn. When you first walk into the winery, you can see the tasting room is very large. A nice gift shop is available which you walk by as you make your way to the tasting bar in the rear of the open room. The production facility can be seen behind the tasting bar through the glass windows. It makes for a nice view while you do tastings.

Saddlehorn - outsideWe have been to the winery a few times and we were fortunate to meet Steve Morgan the first time we visited. We had a nice conversation with Steve and learned he used to work for Compaq Computer and later decided to open the winery.

The tasting is done while standing at the tasting bar and for a fee you can select four wines to try. Saddlehorn Winery uses both screw caps and corks in their bottles and the tasting is done with measured pourers. You can buy snacks to eat while tasting or while drinking a glass in the nearby sitting area which has comfortable seating.

Saddlehorn - insideOn our last visit, Saddlehorn Winery had just come out with four new variations of Blanc du Bois wines. Since you can choose four wines to taste, that was perfect for us to try their new wine. The new wines are all Texas wine but some of their wines are made using grapes brought in from California.

We were told Steve was in the production facility area, but unfortunately we didn’t get a chance to talk with him then. A wine club is available at Saddlehorn Winery.

Next time you’re driving between Houston and Austin, you can’t miss the blue winery sign so definitely stop in to visit. Saddlehorn Winery is on the Bluebonnet Wine Trail.


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